A Tale of Two Cities, 2024

Recent elections make Paris and London like true twin cities than the opposites they were during the French Revolution tale.  Yet, an historical repeat is happening, of sorts, like it was before Bastille Day 1789 when both France and England could have had a revolution.  In 2024, both France and England are heading towards civil war.  Time will tell if one or both become bloody uprisings – modern versions of medieval “Jacqueries” – against the ruling elites and their protected Muslim invaders.

The UK and France are close to one another in population and  economic standing.  France is twice as big, so it’s less crowded.  Both countries have significant immigrant populations (UK:13.9% FR:12.6%) and low fertility rates below 2.0 – except, of course, for the Muslim populations (UK:6.7% FR:8.0%) which will replace them.  Muslims will become the majority in France first.

Today’s tale of the two capitols is both the “Center Left” government in Paris and the “Center Right” government in London lost their elections.  The unprecedented gains of nationalist Right parties challenges the ruling elites.  Suicidally, the voters leaned Left to give Labour a huge win in the UK and a Leftist coalition a win but no clear majority in France. 

The former governments are socialists on an American scale of politics.  Both failed to stop mass immigration.  Both sustained the unrequited lure of a socialist nanny state to the Third World.  Both repress the criticism of immigrants and Islam.  Not all immigrants are Muslim, but enough are for their population bomb to threaten an end to Western Civilization by the end of this century.  Two more nuclear powers, our NATO allies, will be Muslim.

Two facts stand out. 

  1. Socialism is suicidal. The Brits and French who, once again, voted for their sub-optimal, free healthcare, generous dole, pensions, and long vacations seal their destiny.  The Left-Green-Islamist alliance will over-regulate and run every aspect possible of citizens’ peasants’ lives while protecting the unassimilable, barbaric Islam identity group of October 7th, which includes a risible, backward religion stuck in the 13th Century at best, until it all blows up. 

At some point Muslim savagery will provoke European manhood to act or die.    

  1. Ruling elites are the real enemy. The Brits and French were betrayed by their “Center” politicians just as Americans are when our Republican Establishment pols fund our illegal alien invasion. It will just get worse with the Left holding more power.  Actually, their Center and their Left align against their Nationalists who want real borders, assimilation or deportation, and protection from Islamist Totalitarianism and are united as ruling elites because they are, in fact, Human Secularist Totalitarians. 

Today, they may not be as murderous as the former National Socialists in Germany or Communists in Russia, but they share the same statist worldview.  They aren’t Christians. They aren’t Biblical, Judeo-Christian in their worldview.  They are destroying the Western Civilization they inherited as a trust from within. 

The elites, worse than feudal lords of the Middle Ages or days of absolute monarchs, won’t fight for their people against invaders.

European people, regardless of their education, finances, status or power, remain peasants on their continent.  They don’t have the concepts of individual freedom, responsibility, and opportunity that half of America treasures.  Europeans don’t have a Bill of Rights like Americans do to restrain government.  Europeans can’t conceive of their individual liberty and freedoms as God-given, inalienable rights.  Clearly, lacking our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, they are kept as subjects.

So it goes, until it all explodes.  Like 1789.  1848.  1917.  Through the two most terrible world wars of internecine European, industrialized murder.  Or through nightmare years in Spain: 1936-39, Germany: 1933-45, Russia: 1917-1991, Greece: 1946-49, Eastern Europe 1946-89, Bosnia:1992-95.  Or, in the complicated war in Ukraine going on three years. 

The ruling elites set the fuse.  The people suffered.

The U.S. quadrupled its immigrant population in a lifetime of the past 60 years, even as it grew substantially.  There were almost 45m immigrants in the U.S. before Biden’s impeachable, traitorous open borders policies – fully-funded by the Republicans- brought in another 7-10m (who knows?) illegal aliens.

Watch this new tale of two cities.  See what happens in London and Paris. 

It’s coming to the U.S. if Americans don’t push back the welfare state and its soul-smothering socialism.  Not just stanch its growth.  Roll it back.  Return to Constitutional federalism.  Return functions and powers to the States and individual citizens.

It’s coming if Americans don’t remove the elites in the administrative state and replace the Establishment Republicans who, as feckless useful fools, fund everything our American Human Secularist Totalitarians – the Democrats – want. 

The difference is half of our citizenry, brave yeomen, who won’t give up their Constitutional rights and free States which will stand up to Federal government tyranny.

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