Another Bureaucrat Disrespects Bill Of Rights

Just One Reason Trump Needs To “Drain The Swamp” Next Year

Americans who have been keeping an eye on the Biden Regime are not surprised about this latest assault on Americans’ Second Amendment Rights. Indeed, they have been chip, chip, chipping away at this Constitutional Right from Day One. They even established an anti-Second Amendment agency inside the White House.


Biden’s Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, WHO WAS NOT ELECTED AND CANNOT MAKE LAW, unilaterally declared gun violence in the United States as a “public health crisis,” much like our overlords did with man-made Covid, so the Biden Regime can confiscate your firearmsprohibit your purchase of ammunitionsclose gun shops, et al. In his announcement he highlighted the effect on black Americans without mentioning that such deaths are virtually all caused by other black Americans, nor did he mention the root cause: fatherlessness creates feral men. 

“Today, for the first time in the history of our office, I am issuing a Surgeon General’s Advisory on firearm violence,” Murthy said in a video announcement. “It outlines the urgent threat firearm violence poses to the health and well-being of our country. As a doctor, I’ve seen the consequences of firearm violence up close and the lives of the patients that I cared for over the years,” Murthy continued. “These are moms and dads, sons and daughters, all of whom were robbed of their physical and mental health by senseless acts of violence.” 

Murthy said the consequences of gun violence are “devastating and far-reaching” to the public’s well being while calling for more research funding, better mental health access and secure storage of firearms, which is already the law in a majority of states. Murthy failed to mention lack of prosecution of those who commit violent actsHe also failed to mention that those who are convicted in firearms crimes receiving light sentences by Soros-funded and “social justice” prosecutors and judges.

TAKE NOTE: Murthy doesn’t care about the Fentanyl deaths that have accelerated during his tenure as surgeon general. What are the numbers now? Under the Biden Regime we have lost about 100,000 Americans from drug poisonings and overdoses, a HUGE increase since Biden moved into the White House. It is not a “public health crisis” because his boss created it and believes Democrats are benefiting from it.


About 25 years ago, my long time doctor started using a new intake form, which she also made established patients fill out. Medicare/Medicaid doctors were required to use this new form for all patients, young and old. The form asked if there were firearms in the house. I knew in my gut that this information would be sent to the federal government and would eventually be used, in one fashion or another, to diminish our Second Amendment Rights. Murthy’s announcement, unfortunately, proved me right.

Murthy told MSNBC that the latest effort is similar to other campaigns that targeted cigarettes and promoted the use of seatbelts. He thinks We The People are stupid. He failed to mention that cigarettes and seatbelts are not included in the Bill of Rights. This remark tells us that Murphy is either clueless about Americans’ Constitutional Rights, or he seeks to undermine them: “One of my goals here is to take out of the realm of politics and into the realm of public health.” 

Both Gun Owners of America (GOAA) and the national Rifle Association (NRA) slammed Murthy’s declaration, calling it an “extension of the Biden administration’s war on law-abiding gun owners.”  The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) accused Murthy of “election year politicking masquerading in a white lab coat.” 

“This is the very reason NSSF opposed his nomination and confirmation three years ago. Murthy’s bias toward gun control was evident when he previously served as the US Surgeon General under President Barack Obama. Now it’s conveniently re-emerging just days before the first presidential debate and weeks before early voting opens for the Nov. 5. Presidential election.”


The NSSF accused Murthy of backtracking promises made during his 2021 Senate confirmation hearing, where he said he did “not intend to use my office as surgeon general as a bully pulpit on gun control.”  Surgeon General Murthy is a gun control advocate wearing a white lab coat. And he’s clearly doing the bidding of the Biden Regime in an election year for purely political reasons. Nothing can be more obvious, dishonest and disgraceful.

Remember the late President Reagan’s famous words: “The nine most dangerous words in the English language: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” 

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The author, Diane L. Gruber, is a First Amendment advocate who writes for Substack. She calls her Substack newsletter America First Re-Ignited.  

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