Republican Party Platform

The Republican party is currently working to establish their platform – what they stand for. Perhaps they will consider America might best be served if Republicans (not in any particular order) vow to:


1) Secure all borders. 

2) Honor all SCOTUS decisions.

3) Reverse the Democrat’s “appease” foreign policy.

4) Support politically, financially and militarily our allies.

5) Encourage pro-life supporters to seek a constitutional amendment.

6) Amend the Constitution to give SCOTUS enforcement powers for their decisions.

7) Re-instate Trump era environmental policies and trade sanctions, barriers and strategies.

8) Continue endorsement of the 2nd Amendment.

9) Recognize the greatest threat to America – the world – is Muslim ideology and China’s military and cyber imperialism.

10) Promote the fact that America is a republic – not a democracy. In a democracy the voters directly decide all issues, whereas in a republic the voters elect representatives to run the nation and decide issues. The Dems have made strong claims that Republicans are a threat to democracy. Maybe so … but America is not a democracy; America is a republic that needs of strong, unequivocal leadership to return prominence.


Politicians come and go but the platform “is foundational.”

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