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Fundamental Transformation of the Democratic Party
J Marsolo 9/15/2021 11:02 AM

Joey Biden completes the Democratic Party’s fundamental transformation from a workers’ party to the party of the far-left that supports abortion, amnesty for illegals, open borders, an authoritarian federal government, and does not care about American workers.

According to a Breitbart summary of a New York Times study:

” The Democrat party is attracting an electorate defined by undergraduate and post-graduate degrees while the Republican Party is steamrolling into the 2022 midterms as a juggernaut workers party, shaped by former President Trump.”

Study: Trump Shapes Republican Party into 2022 Workers Party (

Growing up in an old industrial town, almost everyone I knew worked in a steel mill, foundry, auto factory, construction, or drove a truck. They belonged to labor unions such as the Steelworkers, Auto Workers, Teamsters, or construction unions such as the Laborers.  These unions were primarily interested in negotiating higher wages, pensions, health insurance, vacations and other fringe benefits, and defending their members if unjustly discharged or suspended.

The unions and its members were solidly for Democrats because Franklin D. Roosevelt passed the National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act) that allowed labor unions to organize and required that employers and unions to bargain in good faith.

1933 The NLB and "The Old NLRB" | National Labor Relations Board

 As a result, the Democrats were known as the party of “workers,” which meant union jobs.  Many still believe, contrary to all evidence, that the Democrats are for workers and their values.

First, and primarily with abortion, the Democratic Party veered away from representing the interests of its traditional base. The Dems adopted abortion on demand as its unifying principle while allowing some of its Catholic politicians to say they opposed abortion in principle, but supported the rights of anyone who wanted an abortion. They repeated the Mario Cuomo hypocrisy of “being personally opposed but won’t impose my principles on another.”   Bill and Hillary Clinton would not allow former Governor Bob Casey, of Pennsylvania, the last big-name pro-life Democrat, to speak at the 1992 Democratic convention.

Abortion Politics and the Shabbos Goy – The American Catholic (

These Democrats had no problem imposing their other principles of amnesty for illegals, higher tax rates, more government regulation of business, restriction of Second Amendment rights, etc.

Next, Democrats, along with the Bush/Romney/McCain Republicans, supported mass immigration, amnesty for illegal immigrants, “free” trade, and open borders. It reached its intended outcome with Biden ignoring all border restrictions so that anyone can walk north across the southern border. The illegals compete with Americans for jobs in the service, construction, and labor-intensive jobs.

 The “free trade” of NAFTA, and allowing China in the World Trade Organization as a “developing nation” resulted in a loss of manufacturing jobs. NAFTA caused the loss of over 700,000 US jobs.

U.S. Economy Lost Nearly 700,000 Jobs Because Of NAFTA, EPI Says | HuffPost

Next, Democrats supported restrictions on domestic oil and gas development. On his first days in office Biden suspended drilling on federal lands and cancelled the Keystone pipeline which caused an immediate loss of 11,000 jobs, mostly union jobs, and an estimated 60,000 in support jobs related to the pipeline. 

 Biden kills Keystone XL pipeline along with 70,000 American jobs (

Further, as a result of these Biden orders, the price of a gallon of gasoline has increased by at least $1.50.  This hits workers who drive to work each day

 Obama and Hillary Clinton promised to end coal mining jobs. In a rare moment of telling the truth, Hillary said:

“We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,”

Hillary’s vow to kill coal miners’ jobs finishes a vast Democratic betrayal (

During the Obama/Biden eight years, we lost 83,000 coal mining jobs and 400 mines closed. Obama kept his promise to “bankrupt” the coal mining industry.

Obama Kept His Promise, 83,000 Coal Jobs Lost And 400 Mines Shuttered | The Daily Caller

Yet, astonishingly, former AFL-CIO chief and former president of the United Mineworkers Union, Richard Trumka, supported Obama, Hillary, and Biden! Talk about a sellout.

Biden showed his contempt and lack of empathy for coal miners who lost their jobs by saying:

 "Anybody who can go down 300 to 3,000 feet in a mine, sure in hell can learn to program as well, but we don't think of it that way."

Biden Suggests Coal Miners Learn to Code To Be Prepared for 'Jobs of the Future' (

This from a man who cannot string two sentences together, has to read everything from prepared talking points, and has been on the public payroll his entire life where his main work has been talking, and cutting deals with China, Ukraine, and Russia to enrich his family. How long would Joey have lasted in a coal mine, steel mill, foundry, assembly line, construction, or any other job that requires coordinated physical work and mental agility? Can Biden learn to code, or could he ever have learned to code? Did Joey tell his son Hunter to learn to code?

Biden also supported allowing China in the WTO as a developing nation, which resulted in the loss of 3.4 million US jobs, of which 2.6 are manufacturing jobs.

Joe Biden Defends Supporting China in WTO: 'We Want China to Grow' (

As further evidence of disdain for workers, Biden said that OSHA would issue an emergency order requiring employers with 100 or more employees, and certain other employers, to mandate that employees get the Covid vaccine. 

Biden is attempting to do this by an administrative order that exceeds the power of OSHA.

Turley says Ron Klain's vaccine retweet is legal issue for Biden: 'Breathtakingly daft' | Fox News

 This can result in employees getting fired if they refuse to get the vaccine.  It creates much confusion in how employers deal with employees, and how will labor unions defend employees who refuse the vaccine. It will cause employers to sue OSHA to rescind the order thus incurring lots of legal expenses.

Biden completes the transformation of the Democratic Party from a workers party to a  party of pro-abortion, open borders, amnesty for illegal immigrants, gun confiscation, and an authoritarian federal government. 

The Biden-Obama-Clinton Democratic Party does not represent American workers.


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