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Will Governor Abbott Fold Because Of Poll Numbers?
Michael Cavalier 9/22/2021 10:02 AM


      Governor Greg Abbott signed a controversial bill into law having to do with outlawing abortions after six weeks. He faced a lot of heat not just from Texans who oppose the new law, but the federal government as well. Now they have many polls coming out showing Abbottís disapproval by Texans.

As reported By Kazan

     AUSTIN (KXAN) ó A recent poll shows half of Texans disapprove of how Gov. Greg Abbott is performing in his job right now, with a majority believing the state is ďgoing in the wrong direction.Ē

     The August 2021 poll, conducted by the Texas Politics Project, shows 50% of surveyed voters disapprove of Abbottís actions and 41% approve. Thatís the lowest job approval rating during his time in office, the Texas Politics Project reports.

     Will Governor Greg Abbott cave to the new poll numbers or will he still do his job? I sure hope he does his job and holds strong. I think abortion should be outlawed altogether. In the case of rape, I think that would be permissible. I donít think a woman after having such a traumatic crime happen to her to have to carry a rapist baby. So, yes, I am okay with that form of abortion. I am quite tired of hearing from Christians that all life is precious. Do they really think that God intended for the woman to be raped then get pregnant? There is something seriously wrong with those that believe this.

     How can one determine about incest? Was it rape or incest? is the person who was raped of legal age, or a minor? They need to make their minds up or explain what they mean. I know what incest is, but what are they talking about getting an abortion for? If the young lady is minor then why not prosecute the case as rape? Isnít that rape? The female in question is too young to give content, so it becomes a case of rape. Thatís what I see and understand. So why even have the incest abortion if it wasnít a crime. It could be, maybe I donít understand the incest part.

      Governor Abbott took a hardline case and headed straight into the wolfís mouth (Democrats). He took a hardline issue like abortion and decided to stand up for the unborn. I believe life starts with being conceived. Others believe in life with the first heartbeat. I donít hate or have any animosity towards anyone who has had an abortion. All who have had an abortion have to live with this later in life when they decide to have a family. Our mind has a way to hide feelings from us until something triggers that emotion. I pray for those that will have this happen to them, it will be something really hard to go through.

      Then we have those who have had many abortions. Some of these women really donít care about aborting an unborn, why? Itís called birth control for them. They use these abortion clinics so much they are recognized and called by name by the people who run these places. How can I say this without having proof in front of me? It's quite simple let me explain, when we use a corner store so much because itís close and convenient, the people in there get to know us donít they? Now, thereís my proof.

God Bless America, God save The Veterans

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Michael Cavalier
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