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Who Cares About The Children?
Michael Cavalier 9/23/2021 11:01 AM


      The number of unaccompanied minors and family units illegally crossing our southern border in the last few years has been unprecedented, and weíre currently experiencing one of the worst waves weíve ever seen. While this problem hasnít been given the attention it deserves from our elected leaders, many brave border patrol agents have been speaking out about the abuse they witness on a daily basis at these crossings, from sexual to physical abuse. They have been sounding the alarm about how criminals take advantage of these situations by exploiting vulnerable children who are not being properly monitored or cared for by authorities.

      The truth is, we already know how to solve it: secure our borders and check for proper documentation. We also know how to prevent children from being sexually abused by migrant workers: hire Americans. No other country in the world has such a policy that allows millions of immigrants into their country unchecked. We donít want to do that, but we allow it anyway because of political correctness and partisanship. Everyone needs to get behind securing our borders and not worry about anything else until itís done.

     Then we can discuss things like chain migration or immigration caps or amnesty. But first things first; without security, nothing else matters. They say if you stand on your head long enough you can turn yourself right-side up again. Democrats might just need to give themselves some time to figure out what they actually believe inóand then act accordingly. When will that happen? I have no idea. Neither does anyone elseóbut hopefully sooner than later. Republicans are waiting with bated breath! #MAGA #DemocratsForTrump2024 #Trump2024Ö Hold On To Your Horses Folks!!!

      How much longer do we need to go through all these useless talks about nothing when one real conversation would be more than enough to clear up all confusion!! Are You Fed Up Yet?? Me Too!!!! Next elections better be worth your time cause these discussions are pointless.

      A country without borders is a country without security. More than 1,000 illegal immigrants are caught crossing into our nation every day, and that number rises significantly on weekends and holidays. These illegals could be terrorists, undocumented workers, or even members of MS-13óand they could easily slip through if border patrol agents arenít given adequate resources to do their jobs. Itís time for Democrats to put down their stop signs and come to an agreement with Republicans on immigration reform. If we truly care about protecting our citizens, itís time we got serious about safeguarding our borders.

      Iím willing to bet if Democrats would take care of the veterans by building them free homes and getting them off the street there would be more Democrats for the wall we desperately need, but Iím still sticking to my guns for the veterans. I would be 100% for the wall if veterans could receive homes and better help from the government not just used for political commercials when election time comes around.

      Just remember this, We go on with everyday life and never give thought to how safe we are because of veterans and the men and women serving. The next time you go out to eat or just to Walmart, and having a good timer, somewhere around the world we have an American soldier being shot at.

God Bless America, God save The Veterans


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Michael Cavalier
Michael Cavalierhas been doing productive work that actually benefits people all of his life, even before he was legally old enough to do so. He started out doing drywall finishing when he turned 18 (although he had actually been learning the trade since 15). Mike did a short stint working on the Mississippi River putting barges together, but eventually returned to the drywall trade, where worked for over 35 years. Eventually the drywall dust resulted in COPD thus forcing his retirement. Mike considers himself to have been conditioned from a very young age to think like a Democrat. He sees that happening in other families. With the help of a few others and a little research of his own, his eyes are now wide open to the truth. His objective is to help get the truth out there for others like himself. Mike is the guiding light behind

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