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Mid-Term Elections 2022
Michael Cavalier 9/26/2021 10:34 AM

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    With Bidenís numbers tanking every day, if Republicans canít get control of the house or Senate there is no telling what the Democrats will attempt to do while in power. We need to get Republicans to come out and vote in the next mid-term elections. Here are some ideas of how you can help your Republican friends get elected in November 2022.

      What Is the Voter Turnout in a Mid-Terms Election?

      Voter turnout in a mid-term election is typically much lower than that of a Presidential election. In fact, voter turnout in midterms has been steadily declining for decades. In 1962, 38% of eligible voters participated in midterms elections, while only 36% voted in 2014ís midterm elections. However, Republicans need to come out and vote. We need to take back control of the House or Senate in order to stop

      Democrats from steering the country more and more towards socialism. Many candidates have already made it clear they will work to take away our Second Amendment rights if elected. Your candidate might be one of them! Donít let them win! Get out there and vote now! It matters so much not just for your own life but also to ensure our freedoms are protected. Not sure who to vote for? There are lots of apps out there like Who To Vote For which show you how each candidate stands on key issues. If youíre planning on voting Republican, you can check Fox Newsís Vote GOP.

      They provide quick voting guides with comparisons between the two leading party platforms. Make sure to share these with other people who arenít politically active so they know what direction to go in as well. Show up at every local Republican event during election season Ė events hosted by individuals rather than official groups are probably worth showing up at because those people donít really have an excuse for not attending Ė even if their favorite big name isnít present! Show support for others running around town by sharing posts about their events online. This gets local media involved which will help get more attention on both yourself and your friends.

      Most importantly though, get everyone you know to vote! You can recruit any family member or friend who agrees with most of the Republican values. Invite them over for dinner and tell them why mid-term elections are important. Give them resources to learn about where specific candidates stand on different issues relevant to gun ownership, abortion, gay marriage, etc. Encourage them to set aside some time to research candidates themselves, maybe letting them use your computer for that purpose. Get informed then get your voice heard!

      Remember that everybody you talk to may not have time before then, but they can still vote early or late if they do find time beforehand. So keep encouraging people long after September 30th comes and goesÖeven Election Day itself should matter! The entire holiday weekend following should be all about getting Americans to understand how very close many statesí races are ó making it urgent for registered voters everywhere to make sure their voices are heard on November 6th. Once again, resources like People Decide could point out districts across America where polls indicate razor-thin margins separating incumbents from challengers.

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Michael Cavalier
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