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I am no longer allowed in the local grocery store.
Sam Pearson 9/19/2021 12:02 PM

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      COL(R) Sam Pearson and Jake



I did my normal morning activities (pull-ups, push-ups, elliptical and two miles, bath and breakfast). I then went to the farm with my dog Jake. We fertilized and planted 3 small deer plots and set up a couple of tree stands.

I called my long suffering bride, Allie to see if she needed anything from town. Allie said that her ring was ready at the jewelry store.

As I was walking into the jewelry store, I saw a woman walking her fufu dog in on a leash. Well, my dog Jake is no second-class citizen, so I put his leash on him and went into the jewelry store. The owner saw my dog and remarked, “what a fine specimen of a …., what kind of dog is he?” I replied that we got Jake at the pound but he points birds, trees squirrels and you have never seen a smarter coon dog.

When I turned to look at Jake, he had treed that little fufu dog, I don’t know how that little dog had jumped over the glass and into all of those Diamond things in the display case. But never fear, Jake went and got him out of the display case. I was able to get the little fufu dog from Jake as he had subdued the squirrel size dog and given it back to the lady as I helped her from the chair that she had somehow leaped upon.

I paid for the Diamond ring that Allie had dropped off the previous week and was on my way home when I recalled that Allie was almost out of milk, so I pulled onto the grocery parking lot and as I began to close the door a lady asked if I could help her husband while she parked her car.

The old gentleman got out as did his German Shepherd, I asked if he was blind. The old man said, “actually he can see pretty good since I depend on him as I am blind.” Well, I figured out that the old guy was also hard of hearing.

I held open the door and in walks the old gentleman and his dog. Well, my dog Jake is no second-class citizen, so I went back to my truck and put him on a leash and walked him into the grocery store. I was greeted by a nice young lady who saw my veterans’ hat and said, “Sir thank you for your service and your service dog is always welcome in our store.”

And all this time I have been leaving my dogs in the truck. We walked down the aisles and when we got to the meat section, I could see the gentleman with his dog. The dog was sniffing around where the hotdogs were located. The old man picked up a pack of hotdogs and continued to shop. I was so impressed that I took Jake to where the hotdogs were and said his favorite word, “squirrel!”

I had assumed that Jake would smell the hotdogs and associate the word squirrel with hotdogs and then he would smell for hotdogs in the store. Well, that is not exactly what happened, Jake jumped into the middle of the meat case and began hunting for what I can only assume was the squirrel. By the time I pulled him, the Shepherd, and the old veteran from the meat case I had some purchases to pay for.

We put the meat in a basket with the help of the nice store manager. The old veteran, his wife and dog were escorted out of the store by security as she was saying something about getting a gun and killing that sob, but I never did see that drunken man she wanted to kill.

As I was at the checkout with a months’ worth of meat, I told the manager that I needed to go get Allie a gallon of milk. He said, “I will meet you at your truck with it.” Such great service, that is why I shop there.

Good to his word, the manager brought the gallon of milk to my truck. As we drove home, I could tell that Jake was hungry from all of the day’s activities, so I took out one of the open packages of hotdogs and we ate them on the way home.
All heck broke loose when we got home. Allie was mad as a wet hen when she saw all of the packages of meat. She said that I was no longer allowed to go to the store as all three freezers are full of meat and here you are bringing in more meat, we have nowhere else to put it!

I think that I will have to wait a day or so before I tell Allie the good news about Jake always being welcome into the grocery store. Heck, I could just tell Jake what meat I need, and he can go shopping with Allie while I am out hunting. 

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Sam Pearson
Sam Pearson is a retired Army Colonel with a variety of experience in both government and private sectors. As arguably one of the World's foremost military logisticians, he has been responsible for the on time delivery of supplies and services worth billions of dollars. After service in Southwest Asia, he was hand picked to support logistics operations in support of earthquake relief operations in Haiti. Pearson now serves as a consultant and volunteer mentor for students seeking their doctorates in advance statistical analysis.

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