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Wuhan China Virus and Border Control
Sam Pearson 8/4/2021 11:01 AM

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I saw this morning where the Centers for Disease Control extended President Trump’s Title 42 authority, which limits the entry of noncitizens into the U.S. at the country's northern and southern land borders due to concern over spreading SARS-CoV-2, I find this interesting as this order has been ignored over the last 6 months for anyone under 18 or as part of a family Unit. 

"This order was issued on August 2, 2021 and shall remain in effect until the CDC Director determines that the danger of further introduction of COVID-19 into the United States from covered noncitizens has ceased to be a serious danger to the public health, and the Order is no longer necessary to protect the public health," the CDC said in a press release Monday 2 August 2021. The agency said it will review the situation every 60 days "to ensure that the Order remains necessary to protect the public health."

If I understand DHS correctly, there have been more than 1,000,000 migrants arrivals at our Southern Border in the last six months. This includes more than 188,000 migrants in just the month of June.

DHS also reports that more than 100,000 of those resulted in expulsions under Title 42 public health protections. However, Chris Cabrera, a vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, told Fox News on Saturday, that "We’re releasing people out of the door day in and day out with actual positive tests for COVID and more keep popping up," Cabrera also said that people who do not exhibit symptoms are not tested at all.

This comes on the heels of Texas’s Gov. Greg Abbott issuing an Executive order barring providing ground transportation of migrants "who have been detained by CBP for crossing the border illegally or who would have been subject to expulsion under the Title 42 order." In fact Governor Abbott's specifically cited "President Biden’s failure to enforce the Title 42 order," claiming that it "is having a predictable and potentially catastrophic effect on public health in Texas."

Equally as interesting is our good friend Filippo Grandi, who happens to be the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees who is demanding that the US end Title 42. Yep, Ole Filippo is concerned that the US is not only trying to protect its border but limiting the number of potential socialists into America. Having worked with the United Nations in Guatemala, Haiti and elsewhere, the two things that they really like are American dollars paying for their socialistic programs. Filiippo’s statement was, "I appeal to the government of the United States to swiftly lift the public health-related asylum restrictions that remain in effect at the border and to restore access to asylum for the people whose lives depend on it, in line with international legal and human rights obligations," 

Filiippo went on to say that, "The Title 42 order has resulted in the expulsions of hundreds of thousands of people to Mexico or their countries of origin, denying their access to asylum procedures.” Additionally, he stated, “Guaranteed access to safe territory and the prohibition of pushbacks of asylum-seekers are core precepts of the 1951 Refugee Convention and refugee law, which governments are required to uphold to protect the rights and lives of refugees. The expulsions have also had serious humanitarian consequences in northern Mexico." 

I wonder why he has not made such statements regarding human rights abuse is such countries as Burma, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Libya, Cuba, Saudi Arabia or even China.

Apparently, what we need to change is the asylum laws. They are obviously being abused and creating issues in the system. I totally get the humanitarian idea behind it. This is akin to my observation of orphanages in Haiti in 2010: is it better to have an orphanage that takes in every child that comes by or is it better to have an orphanage that provides a level of care to the children it takes in that will actually provide an opportunity for those children to thrive? It is a lifeboat issue. I fall on the side (both in practice and in theory) of being able to provide properly for those that you offer care for. Let’s keep in mind that there are currently 120,000,000 people who are trying to become American citizens going the legal route. Do we just let people walk to the front of the line without meeting any of the basic criteria to become a citizen just because Socialists want to end our borders? To me the deciding factor is that the goal is fix problems, not band-aid them. If that means that in the short term some suffer so that in the long term none or few suffer, I can live with that choice. Were this a purely "ends justify the means" tactic, I'd be wholly against it - they never do. It is about actually helping the people you are trying to help and not drowning while you're trying to help save the person who can't swim. 

The question is really if we can trust the current democrat led government to fix an immigration problem. Democratic leadership shut down a 1/3 of our country tanked our economy and separated the masses. Democratic leadership knowingly put infected people in nursing homes and killed thousands of their elderly. Democratic leadership has asked social media and news outlets to infringe on our first amendment right and silence people with opposing views to covid and their agenda. Democratic leadership has weaponized our media and our federal agencies against anyone with opposing views as theirs. Nobody is held accountable for their actions and now the democrats want us to trust them. Maybe the democrats shouldn’t have politicalized a virus, tanked our economy and infringed on our constitutional rights to oust Trump from office. The democrats are doing everything in their power to wreck our country and ensure they never lose power again they want us scared and silenced. Look what came of the Patriot Act, just keep taking more of our rights and we keep letting them. I suggest everyone hang onto those scary rifles; we will all need them before long.

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Sam Pearson
Sam Pearson is a retired Army Colonel with a variety of experience in both government and private sectors. As arguably one of the World's foremost military logisticians, he has been responsible for the on time delivery of supplies and services worth billions of dollars. After service in Southwest Asia, he was hand picked to support logistics operations in support of earthquake relief operations in Haiti. Pearson now serves as a consultant and volunteer mentor for students seeking their doctorates in advance statistical analysis.

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