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Never Forget, by Citizen Writer: Mark Berwind
American Citizen 9/13/2021 12:31 PM


     I remember that day, like it was yesterday. I won't go into too many details because everyone has their own personal set. All I will say is the first plane hit while I was in my car, coming home from work, and the second one hit while I was in the floor of the den, getting a bit teared up.


     I've said my piece about this president we have, repeatedly, and don't plan to stop until someone stops me, or one of us die. I have a question or two, still outstanding, and my only answer is boring and not bright enough for a moron to see on a billboard ad. That's why we have to argue about stuff, like what is constitutional, when we are living without that Constitution, right now.


     That building that had that sign on it that said, “Never Forget,” have we forgotten? I haven't, but I'm concerned that many have.


     Remember that Biden, as a young very stupid senator said similar words during the exit of Vietnam as he just did, with Afghanistan. Instead of the brain fart of a walking around stupid president we currently have, who probably gestured like Nero while the fiddle was playing, to just get us out of Afghanistan, no matter what, what we need is what they just stole from us, and all the lives of the lost in those twin towers, the firemen, and the soldiers in battle in the months to follow, all the way to the last ones killed at the Airport in Kabul. You can't bring back that which was lost, but you can avenge them.


     How can you forget all that? Do people just get numb from hearing about it? Is life not precious? Did all those lives go down in vain? Personally, I'm frustrated that this president and his entire administration has not been physically removed from office, along with every Democrat, every college professor, every schoolteacher, and every actor and news pimp. They are all on the everlasting battlefield, spewing garbage to our kids, telling us to be more diverse, listen to false prophets, and, above all, submit.


     Granted, that's an awful lot to remove, and the work is hard, but that is how deep the rot is, and it sure took a short time to get there, so it will be a long and hard road to get rid of them. In the meantime, I don't intend on forgetting any of this.  Now that we are not fighting the Taliban, we should be fighting the internal enemy. It is staring us down and laughing at us, while we sit around and await the yolk.



Mark Berwind

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