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Unvaccinated Man Turns Biden's Mandate Into a Smoking Pile of Ash in One Glorious Thread
Elizabeth Vaughn 9/13/2021 1:02 PM


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I think it was when President Joe Biden said his patience was running out with the unvaccinated that pushed people over the edge. He probably should have left that out.

Biden's tyrannical announcement of a vaccine mandate last week failed to address what is likely the best possible protection against COVID-19, natural immunity.

The following Twitter thread is written by a man who has had COVID-19 and therefore, has no need for a vaccination.

He runs through a quick history of what the American people have been forced to endure for nearly 20 months and lets the President know, in no uncertain terms, that his patience has run out.

Warning: Language may be offensive to some readers.

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Elizabeth Vaughn
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