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WHO Skips Next Greek Letter 'Xi' to Name New COVID Variant
Elizabeth Vaughn 11/27/2021 10:10 AM


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Just as the pandemic that has wreaked havoc throughout the world was starting to recede, a new variant of COVID-19 has emerged. The legacy media dutifully responded to the call and their breathless reporting has thrust us right back into panic mode. In what seemed like a nanosecond, the stock market plunged and renewed calls for universal vaccinations began.

And the timing couldn't be better for the Democrats. If they can leverage the new wave of the virus just right, the midterms may not be quite the thrashing they anticipate.

All that aside, George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley made an interesting observation about the name assigned to the new variant by the World Health Organization. 

In the following Twitter thread, Turley notes that WHO officials chose to skip the Greek letter after "Nu," which is "Xi," as in Chinese President Xi Jinping. The WHO wants us to forget where the coronavirus originated.

2/7: "...The new variant was expected to be Nu but any additional variant would then be Xi, which happens to be the name of the Chinese leader..." 

3/7: "...It is not clear if there is another reason for the decision to skip over Nu and Xi, but W.H.O.'s history with the investigation into the origins of the pandemic has fueled speculation as to a political motive." 

4/7: "...It is a demonstration of the continuing credibility problems for the organization after its original inquiry. Even the new panel has been criticized for its imbalance and the background of its members." 

5/7: "...For that reason, W.H.O. should respond to this latest controversy. It is obviously symbolic (literally) but the concern is that it continues to show a controlling sensitivity for not offending the government. It should be easy to deny or confirm."

6/7: "...Some are now quoting W.H.O. as saying that Nu was avoided because it sounds like "new" while Xi was skipped to avoid "stigmatizing a region." Xi has not yet attained region status." 

(Turley includes the following tweet.)

And concludes:

The WHO has been running cover for the Chinese government from the getgo. So has the Biden Administration. It should be noted that our cowardly president failed to mention COVID-19 during his three and a half hour virtual summit with the Chinese leader on Nov. 15. 

Everyone knows where this virus originated. A vast amount of circumstantial evidence supports the theory that the virus escaped from the lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And one day, despite the CCP's herculean efforts to prevent it, the link will be confirmed. It may take years, but it will happen. I'm not saying that the Chinese government will ever take responsibility for unleashing the pandemic on the world, simply that the origins of the coronavirus will be definitively proven.

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Elizabeth Vaughn
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