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WSJ: 92 Percent of US Adults Have COVID Antibodies From Vaccines or Prior Infection
Elizabeth Vaughn 11/30/2021 1:09 PM


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Tucked away in a Wall Street Journal editorial entitled, "The Omicron Non-Emergency," I came across a startling fact: "U.S. government survey data indicate 92 percent of adults had Covid antibodies as of September from vaccines or prior infection."

If you thought this information would be easily accessible on the CDC's website, think again. Seroprevalence, according to the CDC, is the term used to describe the "percentage of individuals in a population who have antibodies to an infectious agent."

The CDC refers to studies conducted by the "JAMA Network Open" which is a medical journal published by the American Medical Association. JAMA has conducted random studies of seroprevalence rates in various locations throughout the pandemic.

Below are the JAMA Network's results from two studies that were carried out in the early months of the pandemic.

In this cross-sectional study of 16 025 residual clinical specimens, estimates of the proportion of persons with detectable SARS-CoV-2 antibodies ranged from 1.0% in the San Francisco Bay area (collected April 23-27) to 6.9% of persons in New York City (collected March 23-April 1).

By the end of 2020, seroprevalence rates were around 25 percent and as the Wall Street Journal reported, they rose to 92 percent in September. The introduction of vaccines and actual Covid infections are responsible for this rise.

I had never seen this statistic anywhere before. It isn't surprising given that the CDC has largely ignored natural immunity in their zeal to get every American vaccinated.

According to Beckers Hospital Review, as of Nov. 23, "a total of 195,973,992 Americans had been fully vaccinated, or 59 percent of the country's population."

Unfortunately, we have no idea how many people have had the virus, nor do we know how many of "the unvaccinated," those deplorables who refuse to sacrifice for the greater good (I'm being facetious), have already had Covid.

These statistics should be tracked and reported by the CDC, but that would weaken their narrative.

As of Nov. 30, data website has documented 49,301,070 cases of coronavirus in the US. There have been 801,326 deaths and 39,032,255 recoveries. The site claims there are currently 9,467,489 active cases. There's no telling how many additional cases were never diagnosed and therefore, excluded from this data.

We know enough about breakthrough cases to understand this doesn't mean that 92 percent of adults are incapable of getting reinfected. It means, generally speaking, that should these individuals get reinfected, their symptoms will likely be less severe than they would be if no Covid antibodies were present.

We've also learned that, like the seasonal flu, this virus will not go away. Those who typically have an annual flu vaccine will also take an annual coronavirus shot. The world doesn't freak out every time a new strain of the flu is identified. Likewise, we shouldn't panic every time a new variant of Covid is discovered.

The media-induced frenzy that followed reports of the Omicron variant was ludicrous. The Pretoria physician, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who raised the alarm on the growing number of cases among her patients, and Barry Schoub, the scientist who identified the new variant, both said although Omicron is highly transmissible, its symptoms are mild.

Schoub went further to say that the high number of mutations found in the protein spike of the virus, over 30, appears to destabilize the virus, which might make it less fit than the dominant Delta strain, which has 16. You may recall that Omicron's numerous mutations was one of the reasons for panic when we woke up to this news on Friday morning. I posted about Schoub's remarks here.

Thankfully, we have a vaccine that can mitigate its effects and therapeutics that can stop it in its tracks if taken early enough. Even good old ivermectin has worked miracles in countries like India.

Covid-19 is here to stay. It's high time we accept this fact and learn to coexist peacefully with it.


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