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Benedict Milley
 EagleHasLanded 9/16/2021 1:01 PM


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  Gen Milley, Image: DOD



 Treason, espionage and insubordination all wrapped up in one story – the story of Gen. Milley’s phone calls to the Chinese Communist Party.

If the allegations against Gen. Milley are accurate, he allegedly made two phone calls to his Chinese communist counterpart in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Gen. Li Zuocheng, one in October 2020 and one on January 8, 2021.  He apparently colluded with a potential enemy of the U.S. by saying, "If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise,".  This is not only insubordination, it is treason.  Given that, these scenarios wouldn’t be far off the mark:              

 1. General Milley in the Revolutionary War, "Gen. Cornwallis, If we're going to attack, I'm going to call you ahead of time."

2. General Milley in Civil War, "Gen. Lee, If we're going to attack, I'm going to call you ahead of time."

3. General Milley in WWII, "Herr Hitler, If we're going to attack in Normandy, I'm going to call you ahead of time."

4. General Milley in Korean War, "Chairman Mao, If we're going to attack at Inchon, I'm going to call you ahead of time."

5. General Milley in Vietnam War, "Ho Chi Mihn, If we're going to attack Hanoi, I'm going to call you ahead of time."


 Phone calls from our military command staff to our potential enemies are not “routine” as Milley’s Pentagon deep staters are now trying to tell us.  If you want an idea of a routine phone call to foreigners, look no further than Gen. Flynn’s phone calls to Russia and other countries as the incoming National Security Advisor to the President Elect in 2016.  As a result, Gen. Flynn was illegally spied on and prosecuted (read persecuted) for doing his job.  The phone calls Milley made were not part of doing his job.  Milley commands no troops.  He is not the head of the military, as many mistakenly believe, the POTUS is the head of the military.  As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, his role is advisor to the President and Defense Secretary on military matters.  He does NOT dictate the foreign policy of the United States.  The President solely does that.  Such phone calls without the approval of the POTUS are insubordinate, treasonous and acts of espionage.  


 Were the President to order such an attack on an enemy country, that order would be the military’s most closely held Top Secret.  To reveal it to our enemy would put U.S. troops at risk.  It would allow our adversary to prepare a defense and cause the possible failure of our mission and potentially get U.S. troops killed and wounded in the process.


 Gen. Milley proved himself to be a political hack when he ran to the microphones last year to wash himself clean of any association with Donald Trump, his Commander in Chief, by apologizing for accompanying the President to St. John’s Church to counter the arson attempt on that church by BLM and Antifa thugs.  President Trump should have canned him then.  His disloyalty was on full display.  He was not to be trusted.


 Where was Gen. Milley when the White House of Donald Trump was leaking like a sieve due to all the Obama holdovers still occupying offices there?  Virtually every confidential phone call the President made to foreign leaders was being systematically leaked to the press, which was all too eager to publish them in their hysterical pile-on.  Milley was nowhere near a microphone.  Where was Gen. Milley when a supposed “whistleblower” revealed a confidential phone call from the President to the Ukraine Prime Minister.  That phone call led to Donald Trump’s first bogus impeachment.  Once again, Milley couldn’t find a convenient microphone anywhere in D.C.  LTC (Ret) Alexander Vindman of said Ukraine bogus impeachment infamy is now saying Milley should resign, if these reports are correct.  Even a broken clock can be right.


Our military is subordinate to civilian authority.  Our Founding Fathers created this order for very good reason.  Without civilian authority over our military, our republic would endure “justified” coups by our military, like so many other countries have endured throughout history and continue to endure to this day.  Milley defenders are declaring in his defense that he maintained the “guard rails” of our democracy by doing what he did.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  He jumped those guard rails.  Those guard rails were designed by our Founders to prevent just such an instance.  But in these times, if you listen to the left, it is always “opposite day”.  With them, insubordination is subordination, illegally leaking classified phone calls is legal and ethical, riots are peaceful protests, etc.  


Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a real phenomenon.  Milley’s actions and defense of these actions are proof of that.  Speaker of the House Pelosi called Milley after the January 6 Capitol Hill protest to ask him to safeguard our nuclear arsenal from the POTUS.  She called Trump “crazy”.  We have known for a long time that she is infected with TDS, but Milley apparently agreed with everything she had to say.  She jumped the chain of command and the Separation of Powers to give Milley marching orders.  Instead of politely telling her to bug off and that he reports to the President alone, not her, he instead calls an emergency meeting of the nuclear staff to tell them that they have to go through him, if the President decides to use nuclear weapons.  Huh?!  More insubordination by Milley.  Because of his terminal case of TDS, Milley was more trusting of Pelosi and Gen. Li than of the POTUS, Donald Trump, that he reported to.  


Imagine giving more credence to one of the most belligerent Chinese Communist generals rather than your own Constitutional superior, the POTUS?  Gen. Li said in a speech last year at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People,

"If the possibility for peaceful reunification is lost, the people’s armed forces will, with the whole nation, including the people of Taiwan, take all necessary steps to resolutely smash any separatist plots or actions.  We do not promise to abandon the use of force and reserve the option to take all necessary measures to stabilize and control the situation in the Taiwan Strait."


 Gen. Li’s speech prompted Chinese social media to declare,

"The United States is in cahoots and arrogant, but General Li Zuocheng has also drawn a red line for the Taiwan Province authorities.  General Li Zuocheng's warning is not a cliché. He is a fighting hero who … represents the attitude of every bloody Chinese son and daughter. The Taiwan Province authorities should not underestimate the determination of the mainland."


 Yes, that’s the same Gen. Li that Milley supposedly confided in and colluded with against our Commander in Chief.  Benedict Arnold would blush with pride.  Milley’s spokesman did not deny that Milley used the words that appear in Bob Woodward’s book, Peril, in his conversations with Gen. Li.  If true, Gen. Milley is deserving of a court martial, reduction in rank to E-1, forfeiture of all pay and benefits and sentenced to hard labor for life at Fort Leavenworth.  If Democrats are truly interested in stopping coups and insurrections, this is the one they should be worried about.



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