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Congress’ Response To Voters – Screw You
 EagleHasLanded 11/10/2021 3:00 PM



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 Since last week’s voter revolt, Congressional Dems and their media allies have been scrambling for some coherent explanation for their debacle at the polls.  The first culprit, of course, was race.  After all, when it comes right down to it, the voters of Virginia are still really nothing more than backwoods country hicks, remnants from the Confederacy, not unlike old statues of Democrats.  The state really can’t progress until all those old statues (voters) are tore down.  Never mind that the northern Virginia suburbs of DC have been populated, actually flooded, with K Street types flush with liberal cash and ideas, like the southern border has been with illegal aliens.  These suburbs of DC have become some of the wealthiest in the entire country.  But what valuable product do these suburbs and their inhabitants produce? – Hot air and red tape, much like their masters in Congress, or is it the other way around?

 It just doesn’t matter to the Master Class that parents of all colors spoke out for months against the propaganda being force fed to their children in government schools.  Their vocal displeasure foretold what would happen in November, but those voices fell on deaf ears in Congress, the White House and their media.  They were forewarned but didn’t care because our betters, well, know better.  Of course, the white parents, and even the black and brown ones, were nothing but racists to oppose the woke BS the teacher’s unions have been shoveling to their kids.  What to do about these pesky parents? Sic the FBI on them, what else?  The seemingly milquetoast Merrick Garland did just that at President Brandon’s request.  This tactic will surely get them to settle down, fall in line and shut up.  However, spoiler alert: that didn’t happen.  

Instead of acknowledging their arrogance in not listening to parents, the election result was proof positive that the state of Virginia had still not been fully cleansed of the Klan.  Apparently, it’s not racist for Democrats to vote for a governor who dressed in black face and Klan sheets.  But I digress.  The governor-elect, Glenn Youngkin, also won 54% of the Hispanic vote and the first black woman was elected Lt. Gov. along with a first Hispanic Attorney General, both Republicans. Despite all of that, let’s get back to the real racists, the Republicans.  They had also retaken the House of Delegates in the state that once housed the Capital of the Confederacy.   A blue state had turned purple.  That can’t be tolerated.  To hell with your message, voters.  Congress would show them who’s boss!  And their media harumphed along with them.

 Congress is indeed filled with blind, moral cowards and but doesn’t need Braille to read tea leaves.  They can especially read voter-poll tea leaves.  President Brandon’s drastic and steady slide south in the ever-so-important popularity polls caused many “moderate” Dems to ask Nancy Pelosi to cool her jets a little on the socialist spending packages of Brandon’s she was so eagerly shepherding through Congress these past months.  Public fighting between the Lenin and Trotsky wings of the Dem party was getting ugly and hurting election chances this year and reelection chances next year.  Last Tuesday’s Republican sweeps across the country should have indicated to both left wings of the Democrat party that their circular firing squad tactic wasn’t working and that they should circular file the two big spending bills and circle back by starting over or better yet, just leaving them in that file.  Did Nancy get that message?  A resounding NO!  She can’t be fooled by circular reasoning. 

 What does Nancy Pelosi (some affectionately refer to her as Nanzi – I’ll refrain) do rather than listen to the voters?  That’s right, she dares the Leninists to defy her as she brings up President Dementia’s so-called infrastructure bill for a vote.  Thirteen traitorous “Republicans” helped Nancy get the bill over the finish line as only 6 of her Leninists dared to defy her.  With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?  They are betting on voters having short term memories.  We’ll see.

 To further show her utter disdain for the voters, Nancy is pushing for passage of the other big spending bill chock full of government pre-K, windmill subsidies, illegal alien support and paid leave for whatever you define as a family, before Thanksgiving.  Stuff that in your turkey.  As a bow to the Trotskyites, she is offering them a fig leaf by having the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provide a good housekeeping seal of approval on it by giving a faux spending cost to the bill before the vote.  Said fig leaf should be large enough to cover the throbbing power grab of the bill and they are cynically counting on voters not to notice as they prepare for family and fixins’ before Thanksgiving.  Nothing says pulling the wool over like really pulling the wool over. 

 The Democrat party seems bent on learning the hard way.  It’s easier than admitting you’re wrong.  In San Antonio, TX, Republicans flipped a heavily Hispanic Democrat state House seat.  The Republican winner, John Lujan, said:

“What really, I think, helped is the fact that there’s a big movement, I think, for conservatism because people are seeing what’s going on from a national level all the way down to our borders and to the jobs and the hardships, gas prices — all these things are big in our community, and the Hispanic community has always been about faith, family and country, and I think that just shows now, and I just think all of those things made a perfect environment for this victory.”


 Lujan’s win in a heavily Democrat district portends badly for Democrats next year.  Don’t tell that to Nancy, Chuck and Brandon.  They know better.  Their response to voters has been, “Screw You!”.  If they stay on that downward glide path, the voters may say “back at you” next year.  We can hope.


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