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The Last War Is the One the American People Declare on Our Oppressors
Ethan Imaap 9/11/2021 2:01 PM





I admit it. Iím 120 percent bitter. For most of my adult life Iíve been playing by the rules, voting for conservative constitutionalists, and enjoying a few hours of feeling like a responsible citizen until it sinks in that Iíve been betrayed by the monied--be they technocrats, military industrial tycoons, or evil scientists. Whatever happens to gung-ho Republicans when they get to Washington is uglier than I image, and I imagine lots of blackmail and threats. I can count on one hand the true constitutional conservatives in my corner. They give the establishment the vapors. If only I lived in those states. I donít know how long Representative Devin Nunes can hold out, but I love that one-time farmer. I am not, however, moving to California. Representative Marjorie Taylor Green is kicking butt for Georgians and Lauren Boebert is making Coloradans, Coloradoans, whichever, proud. Then thereís Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio, ever stalwart, ever cheerful. Add in a few more from the Freedom Caucus, and that about sums up any kind of representation I or any other conservative has ever enjoyed. To say that Iím angry is an understatement. Iím exhausted and there are so many knife wounds in my back, I could water the Tree of Liberty by lying beneath her branches and looking up at the leaves.


I have been speaking out to others. I have been showing up at my local GOP meetings. I have been supporting those with the talent to reach wide audiences. Iíve been voting with my dollars to support individuals and companies that push back. Iíve become increasingly more active as the cultural onslaught has obliterated everything I believe in. The siren call to disengage or check out altogether is hard for me and many others I know to resist. What is the actual point when everything you love and cherish about being an American is replaced with dangerous woke revisionist nonsense. We are the ones who are interested in history. Donít tell us that everything we know is wrong and we were just lied to all these years, all these decades. Any truth, whatever that is, is buried in an avalanche of disinformation. Maybe you get a gold star if you find a single nugget of it. Itís mentally unhealthy for the individual, the community, and society in total. Itís exactly the game book that Hitler used to wear down the German people. 


Itís not necessarily that everything we know is wrong or didnít happen. Since the dawn of pen and paper, or chisel and stone, the perspective of the person who writes the history is what prevails. Pre-camera, yellow journalism and muckraking was just as ugly as our politics is now. The dawn of the still camera and Matthew Bradyís battlefield photography of the Civil War added emotional impact to the horrors of war to those who were not there. You cannot get the images of the bloated bodies out of your mind. It becomes a form of pornography. By the time, World War I rolls around, movies are used not only to entice men into the war, but now thereís movies of the carnage. You have to ask yourself, who are the players who are getting off on this? During World War II, news reels injected viewers with a dose of morale and then followed it up with a high-glam movie from old-school Hollywood. Is that conditioning? Iím not a PSYOP expert, but my guess is yes.


Iím weary. Iím too smart to set up on a rooftop and start picking off anyone in all-black with pink hair and black nail polish. I think my ďshootĒ will be fine; my ďmoveĒ is going to be a touch slow and uncoordinated; and my ďcommunicateĒ is right outóto whom, how? And, yet, Iím too dumb to understand everything thatís going on. We get fed bits and pieces and if we can make them fit, good for us, but we only get fed what they want the public to know. Our only option in a post-Republic country is to learn as much as we can about what is actually going on behind the scenes and call out the corrupt, the evil, and the misguided. I had to force myself to watch ďLoose Change,Ē not because I do or donít believe everything Iíve been told about 911, but because I voted for President George W. Bush and I could never accept that a born-again Christian would ever be involved in, or turn a blind eye to, the destruction of his own people. Now I just file it away. I donít know what happened that day. 


Sure, there are glimmers of hope in certain areas of society. Homeschooling is on the rise. There will be a tipping point, if it hasnít already been reached. These new homeschooling families create stronger families, highly educated and well-adapted kids, and could force those perpetrating the public school communist indoctrination program to reassess. Yes, parents need to push back within the school system, but the ones who put their time and treasure into homeschooling their kids, are also fighting back. Those families are sacrificing second incomes and not every parent wants to do it. These Americans are making huge sacrifices to raise children who love God and their country, not to mention the success levels of those homeschooled kids who will be our countryís future citizens.


So whatís my excuse? Whatís yours? Age? Weíve been around the hope block so many times. Weíve been disappointed and betrayed by our elected representatives too many times to care anymore. But thereís another reason too. Weíve all been constantly cycling through half-measures. We hope this guy or that gal will stick to their conservatives principles when they get to Washington, and when they donít, weíre pissed off for another two years. When they come back around, maybe we vote, maybe we sit it out. President Donald J. Trump gave those people sitting it out a reason to get back in the game. And, look at that. It happened again. His reelection was stolen while we went to bed happy. Following the rules, loving your country, voting, sort of participating doesnít cut it anymore. We have to put our time and treasure into one last fight. And it isnít picking off communist Americans, as satisfying as that would be. Thereís an American Renaissance afoot: creating, writing, building, growing, educating, celebrating. All hands are needed on deck. We have got ask ourselves: Do we have one more fight in us? Do we? And, can we maintain our moral underpinnings, when our enemies have none?


Yesterday, in honor of the 3,000 Americans killed on American soil, I went and scrubbed some military gravestones. Communing with my people, as it were. There werenít many volunteers, and it was a small national ceremony, but it was a perfect day, and the work was satisfying. Gravestones tell intriguing stories. Some of those men served in World War I and World War II, some in Wold War II and Korea, and some, God love them, served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Those are some hard men. Some died in service, some died shortly after service, and most did not live long lives, dying in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Some had PH at the very bottom of their markers, but a Purple Heart isnít enough to outweigh whatever it was that sent them to an early grave: a broken body, a hurt mind, or a shattered heart. Was it alcohol or suicide, or suicide by alcohol?


Everyone who volunteered took the time to read the stones and visit other parts of the cemetery. German and Italian POWs were buried in a separate section. Those stones got washed too. If weíre above ground, we owe it to those who went before us to give it one more go. Iím not saying to vote if they donít resolve the voting machine travesty. Iím saying not to participate in the oncoming tyranny. Read the Constitution. The Great Courses sell pricy courses on American history, philosophy, and politics and are worth the investment, but Hillsdale College offers courses for free without the liberal slant. If youíve always dreamed of doing somethingóstarting a business, writing a novel, visiting a local historical siteódo it now. You owe it to those men in the ground who canít. Even if they survived the wars, they didnít survive the horrors. If you want to do something for the people who threw themselves out of the World Trade Center towers, then be brave enough to ask questions, take in various possible answers, form or re-validate your own opinions, and then act boldly in legal and peaceful ways. In fact, it could be time to refresh our understanding of Henry David Thoreauís ďOn The Duty of Civil Disobedience.Ē 

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Ethan Imaap
Ethan Imaap has sought le bon mot, brotherly camaraderie, and God's favor since childhood. Over the course of two decades as an editor and writer he's covered commercial and recreational fishing in New England, life on Cape Cod, and how to discern good knives from bad while at a prestigious knife publication. Most recently, his efforts supported America's strong hunting tradition while calling out its saboteurs. He spent one year, 1991-'92, in the U.S. Army, mostly at Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Ga. His thin claim to valor consists of getting accepted at such a prestigious institution in the first place, not washing out, and never falling out of a road marchóand he's sticking to it! He looks up to all the knights and ladies he met along the way, continually reaching out to them as he shares his thoughts on the strategic and spiritual battle for America's soul at

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