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Shipwreckedcrew spent more than 22 years as an Assistant United States Attorney working in two different offices in the Western United States, beginning in 1992 at the end of the Administration of the first President Bush, and departing in 2013 during the second term of Barack Obama. He is a veteran of more than 40 federal criminal jury trials taken to verdict -- as lead counsel in all but the very first one -- and has appeared more than 15 times before Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He has been in private practice since 2013. He is a regular contributor to Human events, he has been a regular presence on Twitter since 2018, and was a contributor at Red State from May 2020 to July 2021. He writes primarily on legal issues and politics, and is a nationally recognized expert in conservative media in the areas of federal criminal matters and decisions from the Supreme Court. You can also find his work at follow him on Twitter: @shipwreckedcrew

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January 6 Defendant Paul Hodgkins Wants to Appeal
Shipwreckedcrew 9/10/2021 2:00 AM
Sentenced to only 8 Months on a Felony, How Might He Get a better outcome?

Graveyard of Empires
Shipwreckedcrew 8/21/2021 9:01 AM

Image: Pixabay

History repeats itself in Afghanistan

Biden's Approval Numbers Slipping
Shipwreckedcrew 8/17/2021 8:30 PM


The majority of surveys show Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track. Democrats fear the White House has faltered in getting out its message on core agenda items. And that was before the horrific scenes began to unfold in Afghanistan.

Biden Justice Department Commits Prosecutorial Misconduct To Deny January 6th Defendant His September Trial Date
Shipwreckedcrew 8/13/2021 12:01 PM

L-Judge McFadden, R-Judge Bates

It seems that when it comes to politically motivated prosecutions, the Department of justice will stoop to any level in order to convict a political enemy.

First Guilty Pleas to Felonies Involving Assault on Officers on Jan. 6.
Shipwreckedcrew 8/7/2021 7:22 AM

Image: Pixabay

This is one of the very few cases being tried where what most Americans believe an actual crime was committed.

More Twists & Turns In Jan 6 Protest Cases
Shipwreckedcrew 8/4/2021 12:03 PM

Judge Trevor McFadden, Image:

There are multiple angles to the handling of January 6 protester cases that might be coming together in the United States v. Seefried, a prosecution of a father and son from Deleware.

US v. Hale-Cusanelli
Shipwreckedcrew 8/2/2021 5:01 PM

Judge Trevor McFadden, Image:

US v. Hale-Cusanelli that shows — once again — that the judges are watching the calendar and doing the math in terms of likely sentencing in these cases if defendants plead guilty or are convicted at trial...and not liking that math.

“Usually” is the Operative Word.
Shipwreckedcrew 7/30/2021 1:01 PM

Judge Randolph Moss, Image:

When "usually" becomes, "unusual" in a Department of Justice, we need to sit up and take notice

First Amendment vs Mandated Celebration of Aberrant Behavior
Shipwreckedcrew 7/29/2021 2:01 PM

Image: Pixabay

The Tenth Circuit decides a dispute involving the First Amendment free speech rights of a website design company and a same-sex couple wanting to have a wedding celebration website created for their upcoming event.

Whitmer Kidnapping
Shipwreckedcrew 7/27/2021 1:04 PM

Gretchen Whitmer, Image:

More Legal Analysis on the alleged kidnapping attempt on Governor Whitmer


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