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James Atticus Bowden is a co-founder of the Virginia First Foundation. He is a retired U.S. Army Officer and Defense Consultant. His home of record upon entering the United States Military Academy was Arlington, Virginia. He graduated in 1972. Bowden served as an airborne, ranger infantry officer in 5 Divisions. He earned graduate degrees from the JFK School of Government at Harvard University and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University. He taught as an Assistant Professor at USMA and Adjunct Faculty at the College of William and Mary. Mr. Bowden wrote his first op ed the week after 9-11. He has written over 1k pieces since then. He posts on his blog, “Deo Vindice”, He self-published a novel, Rosetta 6.2, and non-fiction work, “A Grief Felt.” He has resided in Poquoson, Virginia for over 30 years.

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War With China
James Atticus Bowden 10/12/2021 11:01 AM


A real war with China is likely before the end of this century. Perhaps in the next couple of decades. It’s likely because people are people.

Perversion’s Progress
James Atticus Bowden 10/5/2021 11:01 AM

John Bunyan by Thomas Sadler, 1684, Wikipedia

John Bunyan wrote how a “Pilgrim’s Progress” leads to Heaven. Just as assuredly, a person or a people can follow a descending pathway of perversion’s progress that leads to a personal Hell or civilization collapse. Four thousand years of recorded history since the time of old father Abraham testify to this truth. Accepting perversion inevitably leads to more, greater, and worse perversion

Passing Thoughts, Permanent Pandemic
James Atticus Bowden 9/28/2021 6:01 AM

Jacquerie, Image: Pixabay

I expected to survive this world event and write about it in a few months or succumb. The Wuhan virus was expected to tear through our population straining our medical resources and then burn out fast. I imagined it might be, at worst, like the Black Death in the 13th Century, or the Spanish Flu in the 20th Century. Nothing forecasted happened as projected. Look at the government graphs made by the experts. It didn’t happen as projected.

How Long Are Endless Wars?
James Atticus Bowden 9/21/2021 11:01 AM

100 Years War, Collage by Blaue Max on Wikipedia

Critics of America’s overseas conflicts since 9-11 called them, “Endless Wars.” Twenty years is a long time, but it’s far from being endless. It may seem endless indeed if you’re a soldier on your 5th or 6th deployment. Yet, it truly isn’t even a long time in how human history unfolds.

9-11 at 20
James Atticus Bowden 9/11/2021 12:01 PM

One, World Trade Center, Image by Joe Mabel, Wikipedia

Twenty years, as all young people will learn, are but a snap of the finger. Memories live as freshly as the moment just passed. So, here we are 20 years after the Islamists attacked America in our homeland. We feel it.

Place Monuments in History
James Atticus Bowden 9/7/2021 11:02 AM

Robert E. Lee, Image: Pixabay

Making war memorials was a business - North and South. But somehow, only the ones in the South are a problem. How odd.

WW IV and Strategy for It
James Atticus Bowden 8/31/2021 11:01 AM
America is fighting a World War against Islamists and a cultural civil war at home.

What Do We Call Them?
James Atticus Bowden 8/24/2021 11:04 AM
What label fits the other side working against our traditional Americanism, Conservative values, Judeo-Christian culture, Western Civilization writ large?

Drain the D.C. Swamp of Power and Money
James Atticus Bowden 8/17/2021 11:01 AM

Image: Pixabay

The D.C. Swamp is all about power and money. Draining the swamp means draining significant power and money out of Washington. It can be done.

The Fall of Afghanistan
James Atticus Bowden 8/16/2021 2:03 PM

Napoleon Bonaparte, Image: Wikipedia

If they asked Napoleon’s basic question, “De quoi s’agit’il?”, which is “What is it about?,” they didn’t get the right answer.


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