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Frederic Bastiat is the pseudonym for a former US Army Counterintelligence Agent. He has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics. He has patents for RF Systems and Antenna Design. He has worked for Motorola and several startup companies. He currently works in the Oil industry as a Consulting Engineer

How to Avoid Getting Doxxed
Frederic Bastiat 5/8/2021 11:01 AM
Doxxing can happen in the real world as well as online. Have you ever seen AntiFa goons photographing license plates at a Trump rally? They are attempting to use the plate number to find out further details about people in the rally. The goal here is usually to shame, harass, or otherwise silence the victim. This can be anything from merely revealing their identities so that they can lose their job or be shunned in the community, all the way up to some form of “direct action”. Direct action can take many forms, slashed tires and smashed windows being small stuff up to having a mob of mouth breathing idiots with bullhorns showing up on your lawn at midnight beating on your front door and chanting to “protest” your wrongthink or wrongspeak.


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