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Ethan Imaap has sought le bon mot, brotherly camaraderie, and God's favor since childhood. Over the course of two decades as an editor and writer he's covered commercial and recreational fishing in New England, life on Cape Cod, and how to discern good knives from bad while at a prestigious knife publication. Most recently, his efforts supported America's strong hunting tradition while calling out its saboteurs. He spent one year, 1991-'92, in the U.S. Army, mostly at Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Ga. His thin claim to valor consists of getting accepted at such a prestigious institution in the first place, not washing out, and never falling out of a road march—and he's sticking to it! He looks up to all the knights and ladies he met along the way, continually reaching out to them as he shares his thoughts on the strategic and spiritual battle for America's soul at

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Soldiers, Staties, Pilots, Cons—Americans Push Back Against Being Medically Battered
Ethan Imaap 10/14/2021 1:02 PM


Americans are being medically battered and they’re starting to get pissy. Thank you, Jesus! It only took people being murdered in their sick beds and shot full of blood clots, heart conditions, and cancer before they got testy about it, but better late than never.

Americans Need to Treat Regulations Like An Assault Helicopter Company Does
Ethan Imaap 10/10/2021 1:01 PM

Hmong Memorial in Fresno, Calif., honors our allies during Vietnam. (prayitno, Wikimedia Commons)

I’ll bet that you didn’t know that 165 fiercely anti-communist Montagnards were rescued from work-labor slavery, torture, and apparently worse at the hands of combined Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces, by—you guessed it—Special Forces and attack helicopters. Boom!

Let’s Guess What’s Going On Nowadays At Area 51
Ethan Imaap 10/6/2021 1:01 PM

Credit: Lockheed 12A Oxcart radar testing public domain image.

At the end of World War II, America and Russia essentially divvied up the German scientists. We didn’t know it at the time, but it was a deal with the devil and apparently, there’s still more to pay.

The Spartacus COVID Letter Exposes How The Elite Plan To Abuse You
Ethan Imaap 10/3/2021 1:01 PM

Spartacus Breaking His Chains, 1847, by Denis Foyatier courtesy of Velvet , Wikimedia Commons.

As Rush Limbaugh taught us, our enemies tell us who they fear all the time. Take Zero Hedge for example. The more the sources of leftist authority, the mainstream media, or online fact checkers or encyclopedias, try to malign the site, the more I’m likely to think it’s on to something. On October 27, Zero Hedge ran a letter “that’s gone viral.” It’s more likely that Zero Hedge ran the letter and then it went viral.

The First Battle to Win In The War For America’s Rebirth
Ethan Imaap 9/29/2021 1:01 PM

Credit: U.S. Army National Guard image by Sgt. Betty Boyce, public domain.

Well, let’s see. We’re being invaded at the southern border. That means there’s no voting our way out of this. The Democrats are the in process of forcing banks to report any and all transactions of $600 and more. If that isn’t a shackle on your financial freedom, I don’t know what is.

The One Thing That’s Never On Any Prepper’s List—Positioning
Ethan Imaap 9/26/2021 1:01 PM

Credit: Unaltered Image by Diliff, Wikimedia Commons Share Alike

When a people no longer have a country for which to maintain order, what do they do? Americans are unpredictable. Some will give up and withdraw, and who can blame them. Hiding in the country, amongst our own, won’t change anything, but it might buy us some time with each other. It won’t be peaceful, but it will be validating. Some will give up altogether, and that’s just unacceptable.

Three Lieutenant Colonels Stand Up To The Military Power Structure
Ethan Imaap 9/22/2021 1:01 PM


Heard it from a Green Beret team daddy: “Americans are unpredictable.” Patriots are starting to show themselves, and it’s costing them everything. Well, in a odd kind of way, once everything is gone, they are free, utterly free, unfettered, dangerous. They are making themselves too expensive to take out, to silence. If we are going to call out the corruption within every American institution, then we’re going to need to be willing to sacrifice everything.

Christianity Is Hard Enough—We Don’t Need to Make It Harder
Ethan Imaap 9/19/2021 1:01 PM

President of the Massachusetts Senate, William Bulger; Mayor Raymond Flynn’s wife, Kathy; the Mayor

Living life as a Christian is a tall order. It’s neigh on impossible and sets a body up for a lifetime of never feeling good enough. It’s a terrible feeling that, no doubt, propels people to stop trying, knowing they can never win the game, or earn God’s love. You either accept the gift of His grace and mercy, or you don’t.

Vaccine Dissenters Spark Civil Disobedience En Masse in America
Ethan Imaap 9/15/2021 1:01 PM


Civil Disobedience is on the rise...and it's going to get worse...and it should.

Which Is More Moral, War or Mind Control?
Ethan Imaap 9/12/2021 1:01 PM


DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It is responsible for ensuring that America never experiences another Sputnik Moment, another moment when we are taken by surprise and outdone by our enemies. Officially, the agency is responsible for “creating breakthrough technologies and capabilities for national security.”


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