Feminism Destroys The Black Family And Prevents Reunification

Author’s Note: This is an excerpt from my book titled “Black Victim To Black Victor”. On sale now at Amazon for Kindle and Paperback. Want a signed copy? Click here.   When people gravitate towards an ideology, they do so because it satisfies what is missing inside themselves. What we tend to believe is all …

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We Live In A Patronizing Nation & We Are Tired Of It

Vaccine Tyranny

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a variety of underlying truths about American society that came bubbling to the surface in a dramatic fashion. For one, we saw the inadequacies from many of our political leaders. When moments of decision making came, not only did many of them fumble, their hubris prevented them from admitting fault. …

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The Difference Between The ‘Elite’ & ‘Elitists’ And Why It Matters


Since the 2008 housing bubble crash, there has been a noticeable uptick in hatred for the supposed ‘elite’. The progressive left wants us to metaphorically ‘eat the rich’ by taxing them excessively in an attempt to redistribute wealth to the rest of the population, which sounds good in theory. It’s the Robin Hood theory of …

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