Wondering “Why?” on Tupelo Brake

I don’t talk to myself yet, though I would probably give good advice, but I do think a lot in a day’s time. There’s a big list of “I wonder whys” that never get an answer, because we don’t have a republic anymore.

Alma Womack: Missives From Tupelo Brake

I called my congress critter, Julia Letlow’s, office today to find out if she was supporting McCarthy and his bid to pass another CR without making any needed changes, or if she was supporting Matt Gaetz and the congressmen fighting for fiscal sanity. Know what the receptionist said? She hadn’t had a chance to talk …

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Obama: Frontman for Fundamental Change to America

Sitting here on Tupelo Brake, I am prone to wonder about things, and this is my latest wonder: am I the only person in the United States of America who remembers what Obama was really like when he was in office? Every day, I read about how Obama did so much to destroy the USA …

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Simon Wolfe and the Iron Legion

This is an opinion piece. The opinions herein do not necessarily reflect the stance of American Free News Network Ed I used to read a blog called “The Iron Legion, This Blog is Dangerous.” And it was the creation of a man named Simon Wolfe. Wolfe was not an American, an Englishman I think, a …

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All the News, Just Not Fit to Print

We just have the most interesting headlines in the news these days. Seems that semi-dead man is running again for president in his own secluded-in-the-basement way. The cackling person will no doubt be the vice-president candidate on the demoncrat ticket. I mean, who else could measure up to the fantastic work she has done on …

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Our Republic is on the Verge

Strange thoughts run through my feeble mind, while I am sitting in the house, trying to avoid work. Here’s one, on reading about the Idaho governor saying it’s getting hard to find the drugs to kill a person marked for death. I don’t know what they use, but for heaven’s sake, there’s a deadly drug …

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