Thanks G.I. Joe

Nov. 26, 1863, (FREDERICKSBURG)—Dearest Brother, I suppose you are having a good time this Thanksgiving, eating plum pudding and chicken pie and cider. I hope you are, at any rate, for I want you to enjoy yourself. I should like to be with you, and I know you would like to have me, but alas …

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War Angel, by Sean Dietrich

“I know what I saw,” said William. Mister William was old when I interviewed him years ago. Ancient, actually. Mid-nineties. Bent and pale. A television was playing in the background of his nursing home apartment. Old people like to have televisions playing in the background. It’s like having company. “It was World War II,” William …

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Maura Moynihan: The Normalization of Anti-Semitism…is Racism

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New York City, America’s biggest metropolis, home to America’s largest Jewish population, a place where Jewish history and culture has long been celebrated, where Jews who escaped the Nazis were given refuge, is now aflame with antisemitism.

Jester6: Attack on Israel and 9-1-1; It’s Much Worse

Many people are comparing what happened this weekend in Israel to 9/11. The comparison is made in good faith, but it falls short. I don’t think many non-Israelis understand how deeply personal this is to the average Israeli.