The Sanctity of Life


The Sanctity of Life; Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord… Psalm 127:3   A young woman enters the doors of the clinic. Nervously, she checks in and receives her instructions from the front desk. She sits down knowing a mistake was made, and she’s not ready to be a mother as a high school …

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The Flight to Agape; The Final Installment of Floor 1776

The Flight to Agape; The Final Installment of Floor 1776[1] You often hear the phrase “Love is Love,” and it is a little strange to me since my name is Love. It is hard to live up to a name like that, but it is the one I was given. You also recently learned about my …

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The Uniparty Presents a Clear and Present Danger to the Republic


Are you tired of the political theater yet? This political theater has a level of absurdity that only a select few can enjoy. We vote red or blue and pretend that the opposing candidates are all that different. The candidate who stands up for the principles of the American Constitution is automatically removed or minimized. …

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Who’s Calling the Shots?

King George King Biden

The Madness of “King” Biden; The Inmates Are Running the Asylum and It’s All Part of the Plan Credit: “You ever been to a caucus?…No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier” Joe Biden If aliens landed in my backyard and asked me to take them to our nation’s leader, I would have a …

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Veterans, It’s Time to Keep Your Oath

Veterans, It’s Time to Keep Your Oath. America Needs Its Veteran Population to Stand Up Now More Than Ever America is in danger. If the economic devastation and cultural decay over the decades is not enough, their acceleration under the Biden administration should concern all who value liberty. Add to this a dedicated plan to destroy …

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Restore Liberty

Restore Liberty It’s Our Title, It’s Our Mission You would have thought I was crazy in January 2020. I started to build a nationwide network of people that was first and foremost grounded in faith in God and trust in each other. With the knowledge that something wasn’t right, and it would only get worse, …

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Are You Loved?

Are You Loved? What’s Better, the Truth that Hurts then Saves, or the Lie that Destroys? Walking out my door I take a right and head downtown Helena, Montana. Passing a school and the town’s beautiful cathedral I next spy St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Prominently displayed in the window hangs the transgender flag. A flag often …

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The Army of the Woke

Austin Milley

The Army of the Woke; Why the Army Didn’t Meet Its Recruiting Goals The Army fell approximately 15,000 (25%) people short of meeting their recruiting goals this year, and some Pentagon officials focused on the tight job market as the culprit.[1] Though access to civilian jobs and higher pay is a factor, the truth is broader …

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