All The Trump Cases Should Be Dismissed

No longer is Lady Justice blind.  In lawfare she peeks out of her blindfold to selectively prosecute and persecute those the left deems unfit for justice.  That sort of injustice corrodes the very fabric of our society, the fabric of law and order that binds our country and keeps it from falling into anarchy.

It’s Us Vs. Them (again)

So many fools slavishly (pun intended) follow the lead of their Dem party leaders without taking the time to think what effects those policies will have on them and their fellow Americans. 

The Bidens-A Family Of Grifters

Apparently, we have before us on full display, an entire family of grifters that the lapdog press corps keeps telling us to ignore.  As the Biden corruption fires burn brightly in the background, the Dem media tell us, like with the BLM riots, this is “mostly legal corruption.  There is nothing to see here, just move along, folks”. 

If Not Us Christians, Then Who?

Moral dithering leads to more moral dithering.  Evil, however, doesn’t dither.  It stridently marches forward.  The horrifically sadistic actions by animalistic, islamofascist Hamas demons managed to uncover the dark underbelly of the “tolerant” left around the world. 

Like Benedict Arnold, Biden Is Playing For The Other Team

If like Benedict Arnold, Biden was working against the best interests of the United States, what would he be doing differently than what he’s now doing?  What has he done to protect and promote our country?  I honestly can’t think of a single thing. 

A Party Of Robots And A Party Of Dissenters

The Democrat Party thinks in Stalinesque unison on the most controversial issues of our time – open borders, delusional Trans craziness, unrestricted abortion on demand through the 9th month, coddling violent criminals, climate hysteria and its accompanying “green energy” boondoggle, gun bans.

The Face Of The Democrat Party – Ugly And Uglier

Are you getting the picture of just how ugly one of our major political parties is becoming?  It would be bad, if this only affected the braindead folks who register as Democrats.  Unfortunately, their Keystone Kop antics affect the rest of us as well, and major portions of the world.