The Face Of The Democrat Party – Ugly And Uglier

Are you getting the picture of just how ugly one of our major political parties is becoming?  It would be bad, if this only affected the braindead folks who register as Democrats.  Unfortunately, their Keystone Kop antics affect the rest of us as well, and major portions of the world.

(Fill In The Blank) Justice is NO Justice

Next time you hear someone yell “(fill in the blank)” justice, grab your wallet and run in the opposite direction.  These phony “justice” schemes are being pushed by leftists everywhere, including black-robed Dem hacks disguised as judges and George Soros DA’s who think DA stands for defense attorney.

Why Tucker?

The conservative punditry world hasn’t had a shake up like this weeks in a long time.  Two years ago, we lost talk radio’s G.O.A.T., Rush Limbaugh.  A sad day, but not a surprise given Rush’s health issues.  Fox News firing its number one star, Tucker Carlson, was both a surprise and a shock.

Who Is Alvin Bragg?

You will be astounded to find out who is prosecuting persecuting former President Donald J. Trump.  You will not believe what you read in this column.  It will be more than most can process.  But believe every word.  It is all just as true as it is scary and horrifying.  The best fiction writers could not make this stuff up.