War Is Peace And Other Democrat Sayings

No matter how much they spun, Humpty Dumpty’s men couldn’t Build Back Brandon’s Broken economy again.  We’re in a recession.

Justice Clarence Thomas – A Judicial Gem

Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas is in the news again and for all the right reasons.  He’s defending our Constitutionally protected rights and angering the right people, libs. 

The Incredible Shrinking President Part II

        I first wrote about Biden’s shrinking clout way back in January after his disastrous second news conference.  You can read it here –  https://afnn.us/2022/01/22/eagle-the-incredible-shrinking-president/.  I wrote then: “Rest assured that as his poll numbers continue to sink, President Brandon’s self-esteem will continue to rise in direct proportion, as he further distances …

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