‘The General’s Daughter’ for 5th Generation Warriors

Author of "The General's Daughter," Nelson DeMille (Sandy DeMille photo)

  “The General’s Daughter.” Let’s revisit for the sake of 5th Generation Warriors. The book, written by Nelson DeMille came out in 1992. As an infantry lieutenant (1966-1969) serving with the First Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam, DeMille didn’t run into many female military personnel other than nurses or admin specialists. As he points out …

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‘Predator’ Through the Lens of 5th Generation War

Predator by Anderson Mancini from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

If you’re a fan of the 1988 Christmas classic “Die Hard,” directed by John McTiernan, then you’re probably already a fan of his 1987 contribution to our cinematic culture: “Predator.” (Not “The Predator,” which was the 2018 iteration of the concept and the fourth in the series.) You’ll see this movie differently from the vantage …

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‘The Mission’: Godly Men Wage Peace and Good Men Wage War to Protect the Godly

Print of Jesuit martyrs of Paraguay in 1628, published in 1919. (Public domain)

Sick of the news? Sick of trying to figure out what is true and what is a play put on for our distraction? Sick of learning things that twist up everything you thought was true? Sick even of bible study and church? Take a day and watch “The Mission.” Its influence on your future course …

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The Battle for the Mind Amidst Meaningless Elections

Declassified but still redacted MKULTRA document of government approval of LSD experiments on American citizens without their consent. (Public domain image / Wikimedia Commons)

I’m going to ask you to push yourself beyond all that you are and believe. I’m a staunch political conservative and I believe deeply in God, despite my fatal flaws. Every time I’m asked to look at something from another perspective, I learn to think more deeply about God and country and end up right …

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The Pushback Against the Jesuits, The World’s First Globalists

Jesuit missionary Cuthbert Cary-Elwes poses with two members of the Rupununi of Guyana.

So instead of brow-beating people with conventional forces, the Jesuits took a literal hearts-and-minds approach, respecting the locals, educating them, providing services that made their lives better, preparing fertile ground for the seed of God’s Word. And they were very, very good at what they did—too good.

Treat Regulations Like an Assault Helicopter Company Would

Hmong Memorial stands at front of Fresno, California courthouse.

I bet you didn’t know that 165 fiercely anti-communist Montagnards were rescued from work-labor slavery, torture, and apparently worse at the hands of combined Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces, by

‘Apocalypse Now’ and The Green Beret as Saint and Sinner

20th Special Operations Squadron Green Hornets on alert at Ban Don, South Vietnam, July 1970.

I harbor little love or respect for Hollywood or it’s spawn, but I can still appreciate movies as an art form and how they often point to literary works, pieces of history and culture, that are worth remembering. Take “Apocalypse Now,” for example. Through that one film—lauded as one of cinema’s best, yet tiresome and …

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What the Romanovs Can Teach Us about Living Like Cossacks

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his children pose with the elite Cossack warriors.

For just over 100 years we have been taught to believe a certain narrative about the Romanovs. Particularly that Nicholas II was meek and ill-prepared for a job that he didn’t want, that of being emperor of Russia, when his father Alexander III died suddenly in 1894. The truth was that at just 23, he indeed faced the monumental task of bringing Russia into the 20th Century, but that as a man of faith, he gave his life fully and completely to God’s will.

The Military and Child Molestation: Holding Our Own Accountable in This 5 Gen War

Ever hear the saying that all executives or people in positions of leadership are psychopaths? I’ve known plenty of people in positions of authority who are not social deviants, not even close. Apparently, I don’t know any who are high enough up the ladder. What the majority of us know is that drive, creativity, business …

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Healing from PTSD in a 5th Generation War

LTC Michael Aquino is named in Cathy O'Brien's book as someone involved in her torture, rape, and mind-control programing as a victim of Project Monarch. (Public domain photo / Wikimedia Commons).

How the story of trauma-based mind control human slavery survivor and her intelligence-community-connected rescuer can help the veteran community heal from post-traumatic stress disorder more quickly.