Where is Your Loyalty?

Military Oath

Where is your loyalty?  I have talked to a few people recently that I consider friends. One works to support veterans. Another tries to shape future generations. Someone else asked me why I am retiring. A yet different person asked me to continue service in an alternate capacity.  I fully intend to continue service in …

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A Subtle Change; A Profound Difference.

Austin Milley

A subtle change; A profound difference. Just a couple years ago, the military mantra was “Mission First, People Always.” Now, the mantra is “People First, Mission Always.“  A small change at the strategic level. Huge implications down in the foxhole. We are the Military. When we do our job, people die. If you put people …

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Another Leadership Story; “How Are You Doing Joe?”

There is another leadership story I would like to tell. I tell this to future officers when I get the chance. In 2011, I was the appointed leader of an organization. While I owned the responsibility given to me, I never felt I deserved the role.  One day, my boss’s boss asked me how I …

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Do we Belong to Different Classes?

I am Joe Heaton and I approve of this message… You say we belong to different classes, sir?  Truly I agree. As it was and as it were, let me tell you what that means to me.    You look down upon my friends and you look down upon me.  You think that wealth means …

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