2,000 Sociologists Enthusiastically Discredit Their Profession

Over 2,000 sociologists (and climbing), from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, have proudly signed a letter of support for Gaza after the October 7 attack on Israel. They accuse Israel, not the Palestinians nor their Hamas operatives, of genocide.

Snark: The Left’s Evil Genius Plan for World Domination

As we’ve entered the 21st century, a cabal of international villains has emerged and is trying to impose their will on the world. They don’t go by names like Auric Goldfinger, Dr. No, or Hugo Drax. Our modern-day villains have rather ordinary names like Bill, Mark, Klaus, and George.

It’s Past Time for a Republican Party Reckoning

The Republican party needs to decide what it represents. Will it will be the party of freedom – standing against the forces wishing to convert America into Venezuela (rich in potential yet destitute in reality)? Or will it become the party of Wayne and Garth – partying on until the music stops?

The Moral of the McCarthy Saga – Promises Matter

In a system which depends on good-faith negotiations, integrity is important, and promises matter. When men working within that system lack honor, agreements aren’t agreements, and deals aren’t deals. Without honor, the system can’t work – and hasn’t been working for many years.

Ruy Teixeira Warns the Dems – But They Don’t Care

Back in 2002 Ruy Teixeira and John Judis wrote “The Emerging Democrat Majority.” They posited that since minorities (at that time) predominantly voted Democrat, and since minority populations were growing, the Democrats would have a bright electoral future. His book became the Holy Grail for Democrats.