We The People Want Our Country Back!

I wonder sometimes if progressives understand that illegal immigration raises the cost of healthcare they often complain is already too expensive. I think they do, but because most of them can afford the extra cost they don’t care, if it helps them gain more political power. A recent poll has revealed that the majority of …

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The Big AI Elephant In The Room

“It should come as no surprise with the maturity of image creation, the explosion of writing tools, and the massive rise of video and audio tools that are driving the growth of generative AI at such a rapid pace, the government and the public at large would start to consider who will directly and legally benefit from the outcome production of these new and developing technologies.” So why is no one talking about it?

Everything Is Fine

  Joe Biden and his administration told us that everything is fine now that they have bailed out the depositors at Silicon Valley Bank. This was all done of course to calm our fears. Anyone with half a brain knows that there is nothing sustainable about how the West has been operating, particularly the United …

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In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

With today being the federal holiday celebrating and honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to take a moment to remember his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and what God did in our midst through his life and in that season. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke …

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