The Unbearable Stupidity of Being Democrat

The Unbearable Stupidity of Being Democrat. It’s always a dicey matter to discern motive from behavior in a single situation. In fact, a basic tenet of psychology, as explained in my Psychology 101 class at West Point during my youth, was that deducing attitude and motive from behavior is impossible. Intellectually that makes sense, but practically, …

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Troy Aikman Does Not Wear Combat Boots

Troy Aikman is an ESPN football commentator, former Dallas cowboy, and Hall of Fame quarterback. Last week he commented while on air about a lousy call by the officials in the Kansas City–Las Vegas game. Aikman was unhappy with the call because he felt the officials were being overprotective of the Las Vegas quarterback based …

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The Fall of the American Republic is Looming

In the early days of this Republic, the media were even willing to savage George Washington, a man who had sacrificed or risked as much or more than any other American to establish and preserve this nation. Despite Washington’s record of honorable, steadfast and selfless service to his country, the press of his day accused him of being a thief, a seditionist, and would be monarch.

Hi! I Voted for Joe Biden and I Have BDS

Trump Derangement Syndrome (aka TDS) is real and pervasive. It incites it sufferers to fits of rage at the mention of the name Trump. In fact, it incites them to fits of rage if one just mentions the name of the people who opposed him in the last two Presidential elections. Mention Hillary Clinton to …

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The Uvalde Police Department is the World’s Best Argument Against Gun Control

Gun Holster Flag

Shortly after the Uvalde school shooting disaster, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, held a press conference praising the Uvalde Police Department (UPD) for their bravery and quick response. The next day, after the truth of what happened came out, he had to recant his praise and instead blast the UPD for their incompetence. Apparently, …

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