Things on Which Conservatives Should Agree

For conservatives, one of the biggest disappointments over the past few decades of political evolution in America is the consistent inability of the GOP to clearly and strongly articulate and pursue an agenda that reflects conservative principles. Even when a strong conservative President, e.g., Ronald Reagan, takes the helm, there are always more than a …

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Little America Has a Big Heart

Last night, my spouse called out to me to come upstairs from my basement lair and watch TV with her. Normally, that is a request I might normally have dodged, but since Marquette and Baylor had just destroyed my bracket, I decided to go see what cooking show, HGTV special, or “Housewives” episode had caught …

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The Sharks are Circling Donald Trump

Trump Wants You

The sharks are circling Donald Trump, but unlike the normal scenario in which all the sharks are democrat operatives, DNC shills, or left-wing media, the sharks threatening Trump now are entirely of his own making. Frankly, if Trump’s political career is to go down in flames it will be better for the country if his …

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The Crisis Syndrome

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” That pithy and cynical quote is attributed to Winston Churchill, but Rahm Emmanuel resurrected it during the Obama administration by saying “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Now, it has become a standing policy with the DNC. Absent a real crisis, Democrats and their …

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Military Recruitment Another Austin Milley Debacle

Austin Milley

By the time you are reading this, Congress will most likely have passed a bill requiring the Pentagon to revoke its vaccine mandates for servicemembers. That is a victory for the rights of military personnel, and a rebuke of the Biden administration and the political apparatchiks populating the Pentagon and the Defense Department. Perhaps this …

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The Myth of Weak GOP Candidates

Something that is a constant refrain from RINOs, and self-identified moderates, is that GOP candidates lose elections because they are not high quality enough…the myth of weak GOP candidates. Mitch McConnell, RINO Emeritus repeated that quote as justification for not supporting Republican candidates in key races, and several of them lost by margins narrow enough …

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