There’s No Excuse For Being Clueless

Spending time with the bible is the only way to immerse yourself in Gods word. (Image by Ethan Imaap)

      Given the work that I do, it grieves me to see so many professing Christians who are so ignorant of the days and times we’re living in.  Most don’t know and don’t want to know what’s really going on in this world — or how Christ-followers are to respond to it all.  Truly, those who …

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Globalist Babylon Is Coming

      Recently, I wrote a message titled “Babylon the Great Is Fallen.”  In that message, I erroneously stated that “Mystery Babylon” was mentioned in Revelation 18.  Since that time, I’ve done a much deeper study on the subject and there are some things I’d like to clarify here.    First of all, “Mystery Babylon” is …

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