Biden Totally Wrecks Ukraine Response

President Biden, President Putin

It has been 11 months since Russia invaded Ukraine; When it became clear that Putin was contemplating an invasion of the Ukraine, Biden misplayed all of his cards.  Instead of calling Putin’s bluff and sending as much military assistance to Ukraine as quickly as possible, Biden basically invited the Russian dictator to take the northeast portion …

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Dr Fauci is Merely a Symptom of Our Decline as a Nation

Listening to Dr Fauci testimony to Congress was an interesting discussion. My take and speaking as a scientist I find that science is for sale. Having been in the science industry for many years (Since 1978) in fact science is an industry in want of funding. Unfortunately, we have brilliant people doing scientific work they …

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Yes Mr. President, We Are In A Recession

The Biden administration says that we are not in a recession. Historically, two consecutive quarters of negative GDP is the criteria for a recession.  Perhaps the President may be correct except for the fact we have, “Seven Recession Red Flags Waving Right Now!” Besides this pattern there are other red flags pointing to a further …

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