The Paris Treaty – Actual Grounds for Impeachment

According to the Constitution of the US, an international treaty must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the Senate. Obama clearly knew he would never get that, so it was never presented to the Senate.

Twitter is Lying

Twitter is Lying; I know many people think that with Elon Musk owning twitter, then perhaps the rational people had won a round in the fight for the soul of our country. Apparently not: Reading my tweet, in which pointed out (to the Kansas City Star newspaper) the well-known fact of the high level of mental …

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The United Methodist Church on Climate Change

If you look at the set of beliefs professed by any mainline Church, they will tell you that they believe in God. They will tell you that everyone has sinned and fallen short of what God wants. And they will tell you that you can be forgiven. And perhaps the most important claim by any …

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We Have to be Careful

M-16, M-16A2, M-4, M-4A4

A very common Democrat talking point is that most Americans favor some form of reasonable gun control. And it is true that most people do. The problem with that is that we know history. If we start with some reasonable laws about firearms, that don’t actually prevent every single murder using a firearm, the left will immediately proceed to unreasonable limits.