Boundaries-How Are They Taught?

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How are boundaries taught? Human beings have a herd mentality. Humans need to associate with other humans, they need feed back from other humans. Without sharing ideas and thoughts with others, humans become isolated. Solitary confinement can destroy a mind. The isolation drives humans to imaginary friends or to a machine, such as HAL from …

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Boundaries–Why Do We Need Them?

Boundaries – why do we need them? Boundaries are the guideposts of sanity. Think about that, while everyone believes they want limitless boundaries, our minds are incapable of handling that responsibility. Outside the boundaries is often chaos, inside the boundaries is order. Outside the boundaries is experimentation, inside the boundaries is security. The battle is how …

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The Original Boundaries

The premise of this series is the realization that boundaries are required to assist a youth in the development needed to become a contributing member of society, and to remain a contributing member of society. Boundaries must be respected, they must be simple, they must be understood, and they must be enforced. Sometimes, the enforcement …

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