Must-Read Thread KOs Biden’s Claim His Policies Aren’t Holding Back US Energy Production

During his announcement of the US ban on Russian oil imports on Tuesday, President Joe Biden told us: “It’s simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production. That’s simply not true. […] We’re approaching record levels of oil and gas production in the United States, and we’re on track …

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Thoughts on Ukraine Part 12: Chinese Interests in the Ukraine Crisis

The Chinese are sitting in the catbird seat during the Ukraine crisis. With patience and shrewd diplomacy, they can exploit virtually any outcome. They want to maintain their trade with the EU and keep their economic engine running. I suspect they want to see a protracted crisis that bleeds the west and Russia and strengthens their global position economically and militarily, while keeping the trade flowing. The crisis is in their interests, especially if sanctions blowback on the west and weaken them and open the door for a new reserve currency.

The Fruits of ‘Lia’ Thomas’ Labor

Lia Thomas

I have asked, many times, what Will Thomas, who now calls himself ‘Lia’, is getting from his record-breaking performances on the University of Pennsylvania’s women’s swimming team. Yes, he’s piling up victories and records, but everyone will recognize that not only should those records have an asterisk on them, he is doing the one thing …

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Thoughts on Ukraine Part 11: New Equilibrium

Thoughts on Ukraine Part 11: New Equilibrium Figure New Equilibrium Issues The figure above starts as a section of the New Equilibrium portion of the Conceptual Framework developed in Part 1. I have added elements based on developments over the last week. As the central question mark shows, there is still a great deal of …

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Biden Economic Advisor Schools Americans on the Path to Energy Independence

An intelligent U.S. president assessing the current energy situation would conclude that now might be a good time to loosen regulations on oil and gas drilling, rethink the Keystone XL Pipeline and maybe open up drilling in ANWR. After all, the world has suddenly become a more dangerous place and energy independence is essential to …

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Thoughts on Ukraine Part 10: Why do the People Fight or Not Fight?

As experience in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq show, if we do not do a rigorous assessment before an intervention and do not continue to do it throughout the intervention, a nation can bleed itself badly. Perhaps the key screening questions are will the people support the intervention and will they fight?

Sadly, There’s No Such Thing As Stupidity Control

Earlier this morning, Mike Thiac published his article “Remember, it’s the guns, right?” on this site, noting both the silliness and the seriousness of the left’s attempts at gun control, gun control meaning, of course, taking action against the people who don’t commit crimes rather than against those who do. The left want to hold …

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Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 9: Impact on World’s Food

Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 9: Impact on World’s Food Figure Sunflower Oil and Wheat are Two Key Ukrainian Food Exports One voice missing from the security discussions on Ukraine is food security. The agricultural community certainly understands it, and there is a lot of discussion. But history tells us that hunger is a powerful source …

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