Once Again, the Hoitiest and the Toitiest Rally in Favor of #Hamas

Stanford University, 2024-25 tuition only: $21,709 per quarter, a private university in the Pyrite State, has a joyous image of commencement featuring a pretty, blonde girl openly smiling and cheering and clapping her hands in the California sunshine headlining the university’s website main page, or at least they did at publication time this morning. Stanford, …

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Peaceably Exercising Their First Amendment Rights

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees to all of us both the freedom of speech and the right of peaceable assembly. With the truly idiotic pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas demonstrations which have broken out on college campuses, primarily in the more liberal areas, and the forcible resistance to them by college administrators, …

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Swimming in the Shallow End of the Gene Pool

My website has twice previously reported on the very lovely Jayana Webb. On March 21, 2022, 21-year-old Miss Webb killed 29-year-old Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Brendan Sisca, 33-year-old State Trooper Martin Mack, and 28-year-old electrician Reyes Rivera Oliveras. No, Miss Webb didn’t pull a gun and shoot them; she used a Chevy Captiva. The Philadelphia …

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The Decay of Christian Values: Unveiling the Disturbing Interactions at Columbine

While many attribute the surge in violence to mental health issues, there’s a compelling argument that connects the rise in violence to the declining influence of Judeo-Christian values in our society.