The Feds Create the Demand, and Then Prop Up Investment to Increase the Supply

electric vehicles

I had previously noted, on Christmas Eve of 2021, that I spotted six Tesla charging stations at the Wawa at the junction of Pennsylvania Route 61 and Interstate 78. Five of the chargers were unoccupied, while a sixth was blocked by a mid-1990s, gasoline-engine beater car, using the charging area as a parking space. 🙂 …

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The Left Want Poorer, Minority Neighborhoods to Have Nicer Things, but Fret That Them Having Nicer Things Will Attract More White People to Move There

Gentrification can be defined as the process whereby the character of a poor urban area is changed by wealthier people moving in, improving housing, and attracting new businesses, typically displacing current inhabitants in the process. We have reported, many times, on how the left are really opposed to gentrification. But the left have often complained …

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Our American Revolution Began Around Boston; Now Bostonians Are Saddled With an Authoritarian Government That They Chose for Themselves!

Second Amendment

Somehow, I lack sympathy for Bostonians, who should have known better. We have previously reported, several times, on how wealthy New Englanders, people with the money to do what they want, choose to heat their homes and cook their food, and just enjoy the good life, even though the climate activists don’t want people to have that choice. …

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Climate Change Hoax Will Destroy Western Civilization

  “97% of scientists agree with whoever is funding them.” Anonymous   What does it mean when entire governments of major Western powers transform themselves, in unison, mind you, from legitimate, responsible governments to misbegotten, autocratic, bastardized versions of what they once were?  Is there some centralized power emerging that is dictating new policy?  Is …

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