Trump Has a Republican Problem

The public wants a winner. FJB and Republican senators are losers Philip Bump of the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post reported, “Why Biden is underperforming Democratic Senate candidates.” Of course he got the story bass-ackwards. He wouldn’t be at the Bezos Post if he got the story right. Biden isn’t underperforming. Republican senators and congressmen are. …

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Our credit card economy; Why tax people if we can just print more money?

The amount of money FJB is borrowing to give the appearance of economic growth is greater than the value of all the steel, all the automobiles, all the airplanes, all the gadgets, and all the other doohickeys Americans make.

NATO revived Russia; Putin’s army gained combat experience. NATO leaders gained kickbacks from Zelensky

Over the weekend, Republicans and Democrats in Congress alike borrowed another $60 billion — $60,000,000,000 — to give to Ukraine, a nation known for pretty women and large bribes to the spawn of Biden, Pelosi and other DC scum.

Modern Notions of Invasion: Addressing the Complexities of Asylum Seekers and National Security

In the past, the idea of invasion often conjured images of military forces storming beaches or crossing borders in overt acts of aggression.