Democrats Really, Really Hate Our Constitutional Rights!

Vacations are wonderful, but for a blogger, they do have a downside. When I heard about the executive order by Governor Michelle Cordova¹ (D-NM) to ban the open or concealed carrying of firearms in the city of Albuquerque and its surrounding county, Bernalillo, including by residents who have gone through the process and obtained concealed …

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Federalist 80: The Jurisdiction of the Judiciary

Founding fathers

In this lengthy paper, Hamilton discusses the jurisdiction of the Judiciary branch.  That sounds a bit odd to our modern ears where we suppose that the third branch of government has unlimited authority to make pronouncements.  But that is not the case nor was it the intent of the Founding Fathers.  It should be remembered …

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Federalist 78; On the Judiciary

Hamilton moves on from the Presidency to the Judiciary in Federalist 78. Since the last paper was about the appointment process, Hamilton declines to discuss further this process as he feels he has already shown it to be the best compromise possible. As a reminder, the nomination by the President, and the advice and consent …

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