Stage 2 of Democrat Operation, “Elect Trump” Begins in Manhattan

The TDS afflicted lawfare warriors of New York just kicked off stage 2 of their effort to get Donald Trump re-elected in November. New York Attorney General Letitia James got her civil suit decision, and now District Attorney Alvin Bragg is going for the big kahuna – a criminal conviction.

They all laughed; Do they realize that after President Trump, they’re next?

You can bonk someone in the head and walk out of jail without posting a bond but for Trump, the rules are different. Rather than stand up to this injustice, the American media embraces it and applauds his loss of liberty.

SCOTUS: Texas Police Given Go-Ahead to Arrest Illegal Aliens

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court gave the state of Texas the go-ahead to implement a new law allowing Texas law enforcement to arrest illegal aliens. While Texas has no authority to deport the illegals, Texas judges will be able to issue deportation orders and Texas law enforcement will presumably turn them over to …

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