What Was He Thinking?

I’d bet he isn’t thinking, “Hey, I sure got around those gun control laws, didn’t I?” Meet Stephon Henderson. Mr Henderson, 59, allegedly shot and killed Talina Henderson, 47, his wife, at a residence in the 2800 block of Bay Colony Lane. Mrs Henderson was shot “multiple times,” which tells us that this was no …

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Hold Them Accountable!

Five people were killed and another 18 wounded, some critically, allegedly by Anderson Lee Aldrich. As Robert Stacy McCain reported, Mr Aldrich, in June of 2021: was in an armed standoff with police at his mother’s home in Colorado Springs. He was charged with multiple felonies, but for reasons as yet unknown, the charges were …

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The Useful Dead

Five people were murdered, with another 18 wounded, in a mass shooting in a Colorado Springs nightclub which catered primarily to homosexuals, and it’s a crisis unlike any we’ve ever seen before! Horrors! A mass shooting! “LGBTQI+ people are under attack! They’re not safe!” Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is a homosexual male, so naturally …

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“Gun Violence”

Gun violence and crime is a crisis. But taking firearms away from law abiding citizens will not change the behavior of criminals, nor will it solve America’s real societal issue, the destruction of the family. violence behaviour violence, an act of physical force that causes or is intended to cause harm. The damage inflicted by …

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To Solomon Jones, Black Lives Matter Far Less Than Preserving Progressive Politics

I have not been exactly enamored of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, a movement started over the wholly justified killing of Michael Brown as he assaulted a police officer. Young Mr Brown had just roughed up a store clerk half his size in the course of a robbery. Several grifting incidents have been recorded concerning the Black …

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Surprise! Surprise! Another Corrupt Dem Megadonor

We’ve seen this movie before.  Mega rich (____) fill in the blank – Wall Street banker, tycoon, hedge fund manager-megadonor – climbs the political social ladder by rubbing elbows with powerful Democrat pols then buys influence with them by donating million$ to their campaigns and causes.

If It Is Not Already Too Late

     Looking at who decides what, in our own party, and not just passing it off on election fraud, the Republican Party, which I am still proudly a member of, needs to do the following: recruit leaders, get consistent messaging, be confident, but not presumptuous in predicting outcomes and keep our heads in the same …

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Video: Even This MSNBC Anchor Isn’t Buying Kathy Hochul’s Lies

Until recently, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul was expected to cruise to victory against her Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin. Although Hochul still clings to a small lead over her opponent, his singular focus on the state’s skyrocketing crime rate seems to be resonating with voters. As her edge disintegrates before her very eyes, Hochul …

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The Battle for the Mind Amidst Meaningless Elections

Declassified but still redacted MKULTRA document of government approval of LSD experiments on American citizens without their consent. (Public domain image / Wikimedia Commons)

I’m going to ask you to push yourself beyond all that you are and believe. I’m a staunch political conservative and I believe deeply in God, despite my fatal flaws. Every time I’m asked to look at something from another perspective, I learn to think more deeply about God and country and end up right …

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The Philadelphia Inquirer, Which Declines to Print the Photos of Criminals Who Are Black, Sure Is Willing If The Perp Is White.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Building

That the perp is a former police officer is just icing on the cake for the Inky! As we have previously noted, The Philadelphia Inquirer chose not to publish the photos of Quadir Jones, charged in the rape of a 13-year-old girl leaving a SEPTA train station on her way to school, or Yaaseen Bivins, …

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