A storage room with jars and buckets Description automatically generated

  by John R. “Buck” Surdu I saw this picture recently on the Internet, and it got me thinking. A lot of fascism has been foisted on citizens with the collusion of we the sheeple over the years. Often this fascism comes under the guise of promoting the “general welfare,” but it always comes with …

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The Feds Create the Demand, and Then Prop Up Investment to Increase the Supply

electric vehicles

I had previously noted, on Christmas Eve of 2021, that I spotted six Tesla charging stations at the Wawa at the junction of Pennsylvania Route 61 and Interstate 78. Five of the chargers were unoccupied, while a sixth was blocked by a mid-1990s, gasoline-engine beater car, using the charging area as a parking space. 🙂 …

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