Our American Revolution Began Around Boston; Now Bostonians Are Saddled With an Authoritarian Government That They Chose for Themselves!

Second Amendment

Somehow, I lack sympathy for Bostonians, who should have known better. We have previously reported, several times, on how wealthy New Englanders, people with the money to do what they want, choose to heat their homes and cook their food, and just enjoy the good life, even though the climate activists don’t want people to have that choice. …

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The #ClimateChange Activists Want More People to Move to Large Cities

The activists wanting to fight global warming climate change have long said that increased urbanization is part of the solutions they seek: Huge gains, in terms of reducing harmful gases, can be made by changing how we plan, build, manage and power our cities and towns. Well designed, compact, walkable cities with good public transport …

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If Liberals Really Understood Economics, They Wouldn’t Be Liberals Anymore!


The American left just love to argue that certain things are “basic human rights.” Not things like our freedom of speech or religion, things which the Constitution of the United States recognizes as something we have as part of ourselves, but things which the left believe that other people should be required to provide for …

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Everything Is Fine

  Joe Biden and his administration told us that everything is fine now that they have bailed out the depositors at Silicon Valley Bank. This was all done of course to calm our fears. Anyone with half a brain knows that there is nothing sustainable about how the West has been operating, particularly the United …

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