Small Town Life and Values: The Latest Target of the Woke Mob

Having grown up in two small Kansas towns, I guess I should be distraught and maybe remorseful. Why? Because when an award-winning Country-Western singer writes a song about life and values in America’s ubiquitous small towns and is immediately attacked and canceled, he must have done something wrong, right? Wrong! Actually, all Jason Aldean did …

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How The Washington Post Misdirects Your Attention On An Important Subject

It’s always amusing when today’s left try to minimize an important point, brought up by conservatives, one with which they cannot disagree, but also one with which they don’t want conservatives to gain any credit. Kathleen Parker Cleveland¹, of The Washington Post, knows that no decent person can support child sexual abuse and trafficking, but, …

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Leftists: Parents Must Be Replaced

What is Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)? - CBT SoCal / The Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Southern California

It is easy to find on our social media feeds, the outrageous acts against American children. We find videos of Drag Queen Story Hour and strip shows for child audiences. Schools keeping information on children from parents or gay porn next to Charlotte’s Web in the school library.

The Left Really Despises Freedom of Speech

The American Revolution was slowly being brewed by the resentments our colonial forebears felt for the really not that oppressive rule by King George III across the wide Atlantic Ocean, and Parliament’s desire that the colonists pay for the costs of their own defense in the French and Indian War. It was our freedom of …

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Transurrection Part II

Part one of Montana’s Transurrection is the only accurate eyewitness account of what happened in the Montana legislature when radical leftists showed their willingness to act violently and disrupt the business of all Montanans on April 24th. In part one, I described what I witnessed outside the Capitol building and then in the House gallery. …

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