The Sanctity of Life


The Sanctity of Life; Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord… Psalm 127:3   A young woman enters the doors of the clinic. Nervously, she checks in and receives her instructions from the front desk. She sits down knowing a mistake was made, and she’s not ready to be a mother as a high school …

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The Flight to Agape; The Final Installment of Floor 1776

The Flight to Agape; The Final Installment of Floor 1776[1] You often hear the phrase “Love is Love,” and it is a little strange to me since my name is Love. It is hard to live up to a name like that, but it is the one I was given. You also recently learned about my …

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“Gun Violence”

Gun violence and crime is a crisis. But taking firearms away from law abiding citizens will not change the behavior of criminals, nor will it solve America’s real societal issue, the destruction of the family. violence behaviour violence, an act of physical force that causes or is intended to cause harm. The damage inflicted by …

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If It Is Not Already Too Late

     Looking at who decides what, in our own party, and not just passing it off on election fraud, the Republican Party, which I am still proudly a member of, needs to do the following: recruit leaders, get consistent messaging, be confident, but not presumptuous in predicting outcomes and keep our heads in the same …

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Meloni’s victory presents a clear and present danger to the globalist agenda

Italian flag

Giorgio Meloni’s stunning victory in Italy has sent shockwaves throughout globalist circles in Europe and the U.S. Nearly every media report has tied Meloni to former Italian dictator and founder of the National Fascist Party Benito Mussolini, whose rule came to an inglorious end in the final days of World War II. Calling Italy “the …

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