FBI complains search terms in House subpoena for Biden doc too broad, Comer narrows it down: ‘$5 million’

FBI/DOJ seal

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) issued a subpoena to the FBI on May 3 to obtain an unclassified FD-1023 which allegedly details a bribery scheme between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national. As I reported on Tuesday, the FBI refused to hand over the document by the original compliance date and …

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Human Secularist Totalitarianism in These United States

Human Secularist Totalitarianism is mouthful. Way too long for a bumper sticker. HST is a lousy acronym and already belongs to former President Truman. Yet, knowing what this long label means is important to every American. Human Secular Totalitarianism spawned the latest evil ideas to contend in our politics and, consequently, every aspect of our …

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A Call To Action

It is only on occasion that we use the words of others to any great extent. But, when someone of great reverence for God, with integrity, and great honor finds the phrasing to disseminate the exact meaning of what is going on in the world, we are compelled to present it.  It is a call …

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Twitter is Lying

Twitter is Lying; I know many people think that with Elon Musk owning twitter, then perhaps the rational people had won a round in the fight for the soul of our country. Apparently not: Reading my tweet, in which pointed out (to the Kansas City Star newspaper) the well-known fact of the high level of mental …

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Bill Barr Mistakes Chaos for Disruption

Bill Barr inherited a very afflicted Department of Justice, in which the cancer had metastasized throughout all of its organs. His DOJ needed disruption, but he allowed it to continue unimpeded on its path of two-tiered justice and violation of the Constitution.

Will We Keep Our Republic?

Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin famously said, “You’ve got a republic, if you can keep it.” That warning is particularly haunting now, because we seem on the verge of losing it – not from foreign invasion – not from revolution – but because we stopped caring about it.