The National Debt Ceiling

Richard Feynman famously said, “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” The monetary policies of those “experts” have driven up the national debt to astronomical levels buying votes from stupid and gullible voters. Any person with three brain cells to rub together knows that if your income is $X then you spend something …

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Not all special counsel investigations are created equally

Special Counsels Robert Hur and Jack Smith have been tasked with investigating President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, respectively, for their mishandling of classified documents.  Although the Nov. 2 discovery of Biden’s first batch of classified documents had not been publicly reported when the Trump special counsel was announced on Nov. 18, the …

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National Intelligence Folly: How a Tragic Unsolved Murder Led to Billions of Dollars of Program Fraud, Waste and Abuse Part 29: A Crappy People Problem

There is an Old School Economics Saying that When Unemployment Goes Below ~5%, There are a lot of People Working Who Can’t Reach the Pedals. We have Some Crappy People Working for Us

Understanding DIME-Trump Gets It, Biden Doesn’t Parts 1 & 2

Editor’s Note: Mike Ford will be live on Liberty Lighthouse Radio tonight at 1830EST, to discuss this article, what’s going on at Davos, and classified documents in President Biden’s garage. Assessing national power, your own or that of other nations, is how smart leaders can effectively advance their nation’s interests. This process can also be …

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National Intelligence Folly: How a Tragic Unsolved Murder Led to Billions of Dollars of Program Fraud, Waste and Abuse Part 28: Why is the Government so Terrible at What Should be a Core Skillset: Program Management?

Administration hirings and social justice signaling in government create a confused and ineffective workforce where incompetence becomes the norm.

Democrats needed Joe Biden to run in 2020; Now they need him to go away

Since the first report that classified documents dating back to President Joe Biden’s days as vice-president had been discovered by his lawyers, very little has added up. In rapid fashion, we learned that Biden’s lawyers had located a second batch of highly sensitive material in the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware, residence and that additional …

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Insurrection: I do not think you know what that word means.

Peaceable Assembly

Insurrection. “I do not think you know what that word means.” Princess Bride There are many reports on the recent riots in Brazil, and for the sake of argument let’s call it an insurrection. It was an organized and armed assault against an organized government with the intent of seizing its powers. J6 by this …

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In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

With today being the federal holiday celebrating and honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to take a moment to remember his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and what God did in our midst through his life and in that season. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke …

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Frames, Receivers, Bump Stocks, Suppressors. What Else?

Gift From the Supreme Court

     Not long ago, very recently, in fact, a federal court was given the job of deciding whether or not bump stocks are machine guns. I could have told them, and it should not have ever been a problem deciding the case. Well, through the wisdom of the judge, and the ignorance and sloppiness of …

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We Voted For This?

“We have the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in American political history.”  Joe Biden, 10/24/2020 Yes, Biden said the above quote in October, 2020.  People with dementia are often like children.  They say exactly what is on their mind, albeit inappropriate…’from the mouths of babes’.  It’s a scary thought to think what Biden …

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