You Cannot Instill Fear Forever!

We have mentioned, many times before, how the COVID-19 panicdemic — and no, that’s not a typographical error; ‘panic’ is exactly what this has all been about — has promoted fear far more than combatting the virus. Though he was talking about national security rather than the virus, Glenn Greenwald got it absolutely right when …

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Whack a Mole

I read lately that Planned Parenthood has changed their business model. Since the abortion industry has had its wings clipped, they have branched out into a new and exciting area. “Assisting” children into oblivion by being a provider for puberty blockers and giving counseling to aid them in their bodily mutilation pathway. When an ideology …

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What We’ve Learned or Affirmed from This Pandemic (Part 2)

Greetings my fellow Americans! In Part 1 of this article, I highlighted governmental and large private corporate behavior observed during the COVID-19 pandemic which introduced, and/or reinforced, notions of corruption and collusion within and between these entities.  In this Part 2, I’d like to share some thoughts about the public’s reaction and conduct as this …

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When It Comes to #VaccineMandates the Maintenance of Dictatorial Power Is Far More Important Than the Effectiveness of the Vaccines!

On July 25th, The Wall Street Journal reported that “most people” have been infected at some point with SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19. Geneticists and immunologists are studying factors that might protect people from infection, and learning why some are predisposed to more severe Covid-19 disease. For many, the explanation is likely that they have …

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Inflation Reduction Act, Manchin and Sinema. Hope I’m wrong. I’m not!

I keep hearing about a certain amount of funding in this “Inflation Fighting” bill, an amount that increases the IRS budget to the tune of 12 times its existing annual budget. What is very interesting about the bill is it funds what amounts to a military arm of the IRS. Thousands of IRS agents, if …

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Telling the People Most at Risk for Contracting #Monkeypox How to Avoid It Is Just Way, Way, Way Too Politically Incorrect!

It seems that some people have suggested that the name “Monkeypox” somehow discriminates against blacks and homosexual males, and should be changed, which immediately became the subject of jokes. The apparently odd notion that, with Monkeypox, an infection that is being spread primarily, though not exclusively, by male homosexual sex, should make them question whether …

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Healing from PTSD in a 5th Generation War

LTC Michael Aquino is named in Cathy O'Brien's book as someone involved in her torture, rape, and mind-control programing as a victim of Project Monarch. (Public domain photo / Wikimedia Commons).

How the story of trauma-based mind control human slavery survivor and her intelligence-community-connected rescuer can help the veteran community heal from post-traumatic stress disorder more quickly.

Cigarettes and Seat Belts On the Road to Health Fascism

Greetings my fellow Americans! While I’ve striven with most of my AFNN posts thus far to focus more on how we may actually move forward as believers in unalienable rights endowed by our Creator, I thought it worthwhile to reflect upon and examine how we’ve reached the state of affairs in which we find ourselves …

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Biden’s Assistant Health Secretary: We need to ’empower’ youths ‘to get gender affirmation treatment’

  On Friday, a Trump-appointed judge in Tennessee temporarily blocked the Biden Administration’s LGBTQ policy guidelines surrounding transgender workers and students to use gender-appropriate bathrooms, and participate in sports teams, according to a Reuters report. Speaking on Monday about the health aspects of our current “climate change emergency,” Biden’s Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, a …

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