Challenging the Supreme Court’s Overreach: The Razor Wire Ruling and State Sovereignty

The recent Supreme Court decision to allow the removal of Texas’ border razor wire fencing, in a narrow 5-4 ruling, has sparked a significant debate about state rights and federal overreach, particularly in the context of border security. This decision not only challenges the principle of state sovereignty but also overlooks an essential constitutional provision: …

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The Border Bill Is a Set Up for the GOP


As lawmakers and the public continue to sift through the 370-page Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, it’s become clear why its authors kept the wraps on what was included in it. This travesty of a bill wasn’t designed to fix the crisis at our southern border. Rather, it was a cynical attempt to deceive …

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Turning the border against Trump; Democrats and RINOs desperately try to wipe the open borders off their shoes

If President Trump wins in November, he can thank Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the win. No one has done more to change public opinion about Biden’s Open Borders policy than Abbott.

It’s Us Vs. Them (again)

So many fools slavishly (pun intended) follow the lead of their Dem party leaders without taking the time to think what effects those policies will have on them and their fellow Americans. 

Bad news gets even worse for Biden when RFK Jr is added to the mix

A new batch of polls released this week by Bloomberg/Morning Consult show former President Donald Trump ahead of President Joe Biden in head-to-head matchups in seven battleground states. The results are as follows: Arizona, Trump +3; Georgia, +8; Michigan, +5; Nevada, +8; North Carolina, +10; Pennsylvania, +3; and Wisconsin, +5.  Trump’s advantage increases dramatically in …

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A Seafaring Solution: Housing Illegal Immigrants on Navy Aircraft Carriers for a Secure Future

Rather than resorting to makeshift arrangements in hotels, airport floors, or public school gyms, the proposal suggests repurposing Navy aircraft carriers and ships as floating sanctuary facilities.

United We Stand: A Call for Every State National Guard to Assist the Texas Border Crisis

Second Amendment

In the face of the ongoing border crisis in Texas, there is a pressing need for a unified response that reflects the true spirit of our constitutional republic.

No One Wants to Live Next to a Landfill

I have long said that the conquering Israelis should have expelled every last Arab from the territories they conquered in the Six-Day War of 1967. It would have been a horrible humanitarian disaster, but such would have left the Jewish State with shortened, more defensible borders, and the displaced Arabs would not have been living …

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