‘The General’s Daughter’ for 5th Generation Warriors

Author of "The General's Daughter," Nelson DeMille (Sandy DeMille photo)

  “The General’s Daughter.” Let’s revisit for the sake of 5th Generation Warriors. The book, written by Nelson DeMille came out in 1992. As an infantry lieutenant (1966-1969) serving with the First Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam, DeMille didn’t run into many female military personnel other than nurses or admin specialists. As he points out …

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One Front: Two Wars

I wrote this piece the week after 9-11 in 2001. I’ve written over 1k pieces since then. This may be the best. Certainly prescient, even if DoD didn’t go for WW-T and went with GWOT (Global War on Terrorism). The first front of the World War against International Terrorism (WW-T), our American Homeland, is remarkably …

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Veteran’s Last Patrol

Headquartered in Spartanburg, SC, Veteran’s Last Patrol, a non-profit supporting veterans in hospice care, was founded just a few years ago by Claude Schmid, a retired Army Colonel, and is now a national organization with active volunteers in 27 states. VLP offers honor ceremonies and emergency assistance, plus promotes new friendships by encouraging visits between …

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