Joe Biden’s Curious Love Affair with China


Most Americans would prefer to think of China as a friendly nation with a different political and economic perspective of the world. That’s certainly how the current occupant of the White House sees China—at least, that is what he says publicly. Privately, he may have other reasons for viewing China and its autocratic leader, Xi …

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Veterans, It’s Time to Keep Your Oath

Veterans, It’s Time to Keep Your Oath. America Needs Its Veteran Population to Stand Up Now More Than Ever America is in danger. If the economic devastation and cultural decay over the decades is not enough, their acceleration under the Biden administration should concern all who value liberty. Add to this a dedicated plan to destroy …

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The Battle for the Mind Amidst Meaningless Elections

Declassified but still redacted MKULTRA document of government approval of LSD experiments on American citizens without their consent. (Public domain image / Wikimedia Commons)

I’m going to ask you to push yourself beyond all that you are and believe. I’m a staunch political conservative and I believe deeply in God, despite my fatal flaws. Every time I’m asked to look at something from another perspective, I learn to think more deeply about God and country and end up right …

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Ukraine Exposes China’s Green Lies

Ukraine Exposes China’s Green Lies; Carbon Neutrality is a Chinese Pipedream The 2015 Paris Agreement pushed communist China into a corner to some degree. While other nations grandly announced their nationally determined contributions to reducing greenhouse gases, China demurred on specifics until near the end of the time allotted for countries to develop their plans. The …

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